Sunday, 21 December 2014

It's christmas time... Ice Caves by Aubrey

Here's a post by Aubrey, over at Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture:

Here are some pics of of the custom ice cavern setup that I recently completed. I cast the pieces using clear resin (smooth-cast 325) and lit it from underneath by setting the pieces on top of felt that was attached to a clear lexan board. I was able to make the lights blink, fade, dim and so on so that is why the lighting looks different in some of the pics. I was trying to represent a place in my setting called Glimmermist. There, the crystal and ice deposits actually glow and glimmer so I thought why not actually make the setup glow and glimmer too! I also hid a few secrets in the casts for the players to discover. I hope you all enjoy.

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