Saturday, 27 December 2014

Saturday Night Dungeon: The Eyes of Chaos part 1

 Christmasday! Finally another family game of HeroQuest! The heroes have had a long break and are now summoned to investigate the Imperial Tombs and rid the place of a recent invasion of ogres, who arrived during a yearly ceremony there, and killed almost all the attendants. Only one knight managed to escape and warn the emperor. His name is Pierre Chancier, and takes the four heroes to the location of the Tombs.
 Upon entering, the heroes see three doors, and decide to open the one leading to the smallest room. Two skeletons of fallen warriors have risen from their graves and attack the Barbarian.
"Why have the dead risen?" he asks Pierre. "I do not know, but these foul ogres can not have done this. They are too dimwitted for necromancy" Pierre states.
 As the Sorceress, Elf and Dwarf open another room, they find a zombie and two more skeletons. The zombie is one of the people that was attending the ceremony, and their corpses have also been raised by evil magic!
 One by one, the heroes take out the undead.
 The Sorceress enters the small room and looks for traps, but finds none. The Barbarian follows her inside, and looks for treasure. He finds some gold.
 Meanwhile, Pierre follows the Elf and Dwarf into another room, and see more tombs.
 But what's that? From the darkness three more zombies stumble towards the Dwarf. More recently killed people! The Dwarf fumes at the horrid act of necromancy, forcing him to kill these innocent people once more, after the orges took their lives the first time.
 The Barbarian opens the next door, and finds two more poor souls turned undead.
 While the Dwarf and Elf take care of the zombies in their room, the Barbarian and Sorceress put the zombies back to their infinate sleeps. They find some gold when searching for treasure.
 The Elf searches the treasure chest for traps, but it suddenly springs to life when Morcar apparently has a little trick up his sleeve: a Mimic attacks the Elf!
 The heroes wisely decide not to loot the tombs, and venture into another unexplored room, where more zombies await.
 The Elf searches the last room for treasure after the Mimic is killed, but stumbles upon a wandering monster: another zombie!
 Finally, all the tomb rooms are cleared of the undead, and the heroes decide to explore further into the gloomy dungeon.
 Pierre goes right and the Sorceress goes left after checking for traps. The rest of the corridors reveal no new traps either. There are four doors in sight.
 The Sorceress finds two pit traps at an intersection, and Pierre finds another one at the other side. The one clear spot looks like the ceiling could collapse, so he stays away from it.
 Suddenly, Morcar plays another trick on the unsuspecting heroes: a spiked log rolls down from a hidden nook in the ceiling, and rolls over the Sorceress, dealing one body point of damage!
 After regrouping, they open one of the doors to the central room, which is always trouble.
And indeed it turns out to be no different this time: three huge and ugly ogres turn towards the heroes, and growl ferociously! A strange glowing fountain on the wall with a glowing skull with red eyes catches their attention. "Careful! that might also be a trap!" warns the Sorceress.
 So the heroes decide to lure the ogres out towards them so they can attack them one by one from two sides.
 The first ogre falls stupidly for the setup, but the other two stay inside. So the Dwarf enters the room from the other side, and takes out one of the ogres quickly.
 The Sorceress is attacked by the brutish ogre in the corridor, and flees.
 The ogre persues her, and when the Elf kills it, and passes its corpse, Morcar plays another trick! The ogre is revived! But now the Elf is in the way, so the Sorceress can catch her breath.
 Meanwhile the Dwarf is taking a beating from the other ogre, who seems to be more powerful because of the strange fountain in the room.
As the Dwarf attacks, Morcar plays another card: the Dwarf misses his attack!
 "That's IT!" he roars, annoyed by Morcar's continuous tricks. He finally slays the ogre.
 As the Barbarian searches the treasure chest for traps, the Dwarf searches for loot, but triggers a spike trap instead! "Durned blasted mumble mumble!" exclaims the Dwarf.
 The Dwarf is still cursing as Pierre is also hit by an unsuspected pit trap! The poor knight falls in and loses a body point.
 After the Dwarf disarms the pit trap and pulls poor Pierre out, the Barbarian opens another door, and finds more ogres, assisted by a couple of orcs with swords and two orcs with crossbows. (the original map shows goblins with crossbows, because the original game doesn't have different models to remember which ones have swords and which have crossbows, but I do, so I used orcs muhahahaha!)
 Morcar buffs one of the crossbow wielding orcs with a mad frenzy, allowing it to attack twice. By now, the heroes have suffered so much damage, that their two healing spells are spent. They need to be careful if they want to survive the three level quest! The swordwielding orcs are the first to die, but then an ogre steps up!
 The first ogre is killed by the combined efforts of the Barbarian, Sorceress and Dwarf, who can all attack diagonally.
 The crossbow orc is killed by the Elf who manages to shoot it. Now the brave Barbarian heads inside, taking on the second ogre head on.
 Its thick hide keeps it from harm, and the Dwarf also heads inside to assist, but gets hit by another one of Morcar's distractions and misses again!
 The large ogre swings it massive hammer and deals some damage to the Barbarian, who stumbles back. Pierre finally steps up, and helps the Dwarf in taking on the ogre.
 Finally it is slain, and the last crossbow orc doesn't stand a chance.
 The next room has more orcs and another ogre. There also seems to be another one of those strange fountains inside!
 The heroes take turns fighting the monsters, and it turns out the fountain was not granting the ogre supernatural strength.
 As they step inside the room, they find out why: the red eyes glow brightly, and suddenly, the Elf loses her Pass Through Rock spell. The fountain disappears!
 The last room finally reveals the way down, but two more ogres and a fountain are inside.
 The Elf fires a bolt at one ogre, and scores a hit. But then she needs to retreat, as the room is to cramped to shoot her crossbow again.
 Morcar heals his ogre back to 2 body points, much to the dismay of the weary heroes. The Dwarf has had it, and storms in.
 Only to find the door behind him suddenly slams shut! The Barbarian tries to open it, but it looks like it's magically locked. They can't open it. "Hang in there Dwarf!" he yells through the door. But the Dwarf has already laid low one ogre, eyes red with rage and foam on his lips. He has really had enough of Morcar's spells.
 But after the last ogre is killed, the Dwarf triggers the fountain, and the Sorceress loses a spell as well. But fortunately, they won't need any more spells this quest.
The chest is carefully inspected for traps, and when they discover it is indeed trapped, they leave it alone. As they descend the stairs, the ceiling starts to collapse, and they run for their lives, as Pierre gets hit by a boulder. During the run down, they lose 50 gold, but none were killed. The heroes decide to spend some money on potions to heal up to full health, before starting the next quest, which is the second level of the dungeon. Not allowing inbetween town stops in multi level dungeons makes for a good gold sink if there's an alchemist's shop with potions nearby!

Stay tuned for more adventures!!


  1. such a great read can you tell me where you got all the custom cards like the trap and treasure ones from?

    1. They're available for download on this blog, and also at (just search this blog for cards). I made the deck together with some others from Y.O.I.
      It's great for games with players that have equipped their heroes fully.

  2. where are the doors from, look great


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