Monday, 24 March 2014

Twelve European Style Card Sets by Sjeng!

HeroQuest Equipment HeroQuest Sjeng Monster HeroQuest Artefact HeroQuest Artefact HeroQuest Sjeng Potion HeroQuest Sjeng Skaven Spells HeroQuest Flint Spell Scrolls HeroQuest Elf Spells HeroQuest Sjeng Chaos Spells HeroQuest Sjeng Fimir Spells HeroQuest Treasure HeroQuest Sjeng Evil Wizard Card

We got twelve, count'em, twelve card sets by Sjeng hitting the homepage today. You may have seen them on the blog, or read about them on the forum, but now they have a cozy room of their very own at Ye Olde Inn. These cards expand upon the sets already included with the game system, as well as bring the American cards across the pond in EU style. There are also several special sets to add to your own quests, like Skaven Spells and Evil Wizard cards which add a nice new twist of fun to every quest!


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