Sunday, 16 March 2014

Tasoe's alternative models for HeroQuest

Tasoe painted some alternative heroes for HeroQuest. I asked him to send me some pictures for the blog, so he did and here they are! Most are from Talisman 3rd edition and its expansions. His paintjobs are amazing, see for yourself:

Talisman Barbarian, Talisman Dragonslayer, Talisman Wood Elf, Talisman High Priest
Warhammer Quest Barbarian, old Citadel Dwarf, Advanced HeroQuest Elf, Advanced Heroquest Wizard
A bit more out of the ordinary. Talisman Knight Templar, Talisman Assassin, Talisman Ranger, Talisman Sorceress
Talisman Chaos Sorcerer with two HeroQuest Chaos Warriors.


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