Saturday, 15 March 2014

Saturday Night Dungeon: Durrag Dol

We have played through the Return of the Witch Lord, and so next up are some quests from the White Dwarf magazines, starting with the Halls of Durrag Dol.
This quest features Skaven, and so I had painted my Skaven clanrats, and converted one into a White Seer. I based them all on HQ bases painted as corridor tiles.
 After the group searches the first hallway for traps and find none, they enter the first room. Two skaven await them, but the Elf immediately shoots one down with her crossbow. The second one attacks, but misses the Barbarian.
 Sjengis Khan takes his revenge and slays the second skaven, and the group can search for treasure and traps. The Elf spends a turn finding some gold, and the Wizard finds a pit trap in the next room next to a cupboard. The Dwarf opens another door and sees a tomb.
 The heroes were warned at the start of the quest not to disturb the tomb of Dimrond-a-Durrag, a champion of the dwarven clan Durrag. So instead they search for traps and find a secret door. The secret room holds a treasure chest but also three magical flying skulls!
 The Dwarf takes one damage from a skull, but soon all three are killed by the heroes.
The Elf discovers a trap on the chest, and so she asks the Dwarf to try and disable it. He does, and finds an ancient artefact inside: the magical dwarven hammer Sognirstane and 100 gold coins. While the Wizard and Barbarian head back to see what's around the corner in the corridor, the room with the cupboard and pit trap is secretly rearranged by a slightly embarrased Morcar...
 "Aha! So there's our way out" the Wizard exclaims, and rolls a black shield, successfully disarming the pit trap without taking any damage. Suddenly, a rat leaps from the cupboard and attacks him! Eddy defends though, and moves on. The others follow, and each time a hero passes the cupboard, more rats attack!
Eddy fends off two more rats as he opens the next door, but suffers one damage. The Barbarian fights off three rats and also takes a hit.
 As Eddy searches the next room, he finds 50 gold, and Elly the Elf passes him and heads into the main corridor. She sees a large central shaft leading to a bottomless depth, and two skaven patrolling the other side. The skaven are wielding slings and shoot two rocks at the Elf. She deftly blocks both attacks and attacks back.
 She fires a crossbow bolt at one, and hits it square between the eyes. As it drops dead, the other skaven scurries towards the Elf.
Eddy carefully searches the main corridor for traps and finds none. The others try to keep up in their heavy platemail armour.
 Elly takes a few steps forward and kills the second skaven before it gets close to her.
Eddy closes in and searches the central shaft for traps. He finds two pit traps along the western way, and a rather unstable ceiling to the east. He advises Elly to take the western route. The Elf tries to disarm the pit trap, but falls in, taking one damage. Eddy has a go at it, confident by his last successful disarming of a pit trap, but also falls in...
 As the two slower heroes advance, Elly climbs out of the first pit and heads for the second one, attempting to disarm it yet again, but failing once more. She falls in and loses another body point.
Meanwhile, Sjengis reaches the first pit, and disarms it without taking damage. Eddy attempts to close the second one, but also falls in for the second time. The Barbarian smirks at the clumsiness of the smarter heroes.
 The door by the pit trap turns out to be false, and cannot be opened, so they head onward. As the Dwarf easily disarms the second pit trap, the Elf finds another pit trap around the corner. As the others advance slowly, she manages to successfully disarm this one for a change.
 The room beyond is empty. Sjengis is lagging behind with bad movement rolls, so Eddy casts Swift Wind on him from the corner of the corridor, and moves next to the Elf again.
 Now the Barbarian rolls 15 points and sprints into the room, opens the next door, and finds three skaven and a giant rat ogre! He rushes towards it, but triggers a falling block trap. He takes one damage and stumbles back a step.
 The Elf kills the first skaven, and the others move in to assist. Both skaven attack but deal no damage, and even the rat ogre is blocked by the Barbarian.
 Flanked by a skaven and the rat ogre, Sjengis decides to attack the skaven first. It dies, and another falls as well to a crossbow quarrel fired by Elly.
Butch the Dwarf uses his bastard sword to attack the rat ogre diagonally, and hacks it in two.
 Eddy opens the door to the next room, and Elly finds an Heroic Brew. Sjengis enters the smaller room, and finds another pit trap. Eddy casts Heal Body on himself to restore his health fully, and Elly searches for treasure, but finds a wandering skaven, which attacks her but misses! Butch moves to the trap and disarms it. The skaven attacks again, but Elly manages to block it, taking no damage. She takes the lead across a small passage and finds another room with a hearthfire, three skaven and a huge troll!
 Sjengis crushes the wandering skaven, and Elly attacks the troll ahead. It loses one body point but is still alive. Butch pushes past Elly and takes a swing at the troll. He takes another two body points from the huge beast, but it still doesn't die. It swings its claws at the Dwarf, but Butch blocks it. Two skaven attack him as well, but he blocks one and the other misses him. Luck is on the heroes' side! Sjengis and Eddy can't enter the room, so they wait as Elly spots a secret door in the small corridor.
 She enters the hidden room. Butch swings his sword at the troll again, and this time it falls dead to the floor. The three skaven in the room surround him and attack, but he only suffers one damage. Sjengis attacks a skaven diagonally and kills it while Elly searches the secret room for traps. It seems to be safe. Butch attacks the second skaven but misses!
 As the Barbarian, Dwarf and Wizard move on, Elly finds 10 gold in the room next to the (empty) weapons rack. Another door is ahead.
Butch finds a scroll of Swift Wind in the bookcase, and the Barbarian spots a hidden door leading into a room with an altar. A voice speaks to the heroes, telling them to dedicate their treasure on the altar and receive the blessing of Clan Durrag. Butch decides to place the hammer Sognirstane on the altar. Nothing good or bad happens, so they move to the western door.
Elly meanwhile finds a secret door in the grey room, but on her next turn, as she searches for treasure there, another wandering skaven surprises her and attacks.
The next room on the northwest holds an alchemist's bench, a skaven and the White Seer. As Sjengis enters the room, a poisonous gas erupts, rending him unable to attack! Eddy does the only thing he can think of from the previous room, and casts his Genie on the White Seer.

Morcar pouts as the Seer is utterly destroyed by the Genie before it even had a chance to cast some evil spells... Elly dispatches the skaven and heads back to the others. Sjengis recovers from the gas, and a few turns later it dissipates. He opens the next door and finds a throneroom with a chest and an ominous looking statue! The Dwarf looks for treasure, but finds a bottle of poison! Fortunately, Butch's stomach is used to some pretty strong liquors and it has no effect on him. The last thing that happens here is Sjengis inspecting the chest for traps, but as he does so, it goes off and he loses two mind points. Wearing the Talisman of Lore, he survives the trap, and finds nothing inside.

Having cleared Durrag-Dol of the foul skaven, and restored Sognirstane on the sacred altar, the Heroes head out with their loot, happy to have survived yet another dangerous saturday night dungeon!

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