Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Dungeon Doors painted

I've finally managed to finish my 20 dungeon doors I purchased from Zealot Miniatures. They will see much use! I'm quite happy with them:

They fit very nicely on my enlarged HeroQuest board, which has squares of about 2,5x2,5mm.
I spray-primed the doors black with citadel chaos black. Then I heavily drybrushed dark grey on them, followed by a lighter grey a little less heavily. Finally, I drybrushed some white on them very very lightly, just to accentuate the edges more.
I painted the doors a dark brown, and highlighted them in a lighter brown.
The iron rings, door handles and hinges were painted a mix of dark red and leather brown to get a rusty colour. I did this very carefully, and it was a pain, because there are many many iron parts on the doors. Then I drybrushed them gunmetal (leadbelcher) lightly.
The bases were painted from brown to bleached bone in layers.
Finally I applied some Quickshade strong tone with a brush. I used a lot on the wood, a little on the stone, and none on the bases.
After that dried, I sprayed them again with army painter dull varnish spray to minimize the shiny gloss.


  1. I like these, they look very natural!

    How did you paint the stones? Is it just black wash on a grey tone or did you also drybrush the outlines? And is this leadbelcher?

    1. I updated the post with how I painted them. Please, join our blog, create a blogger/google account and subscribe ;)

    2. Thanks Sjeng!

      I already got an account ;)

      Guybrush Threepwood

  2. You made me envious big time ><
    Anyway your devotion for HQ deserves a reward so I allowed myself to nominate your site for Liebster award:

    - demi -

    1. Awesome, thanks! It's a joined effort though, not just me :P
      But I'll see if I can come up with 11 answers and a new victim hehehe

    2. Oh lord, 11 new victims!!

    3. You have no choice now... ;)



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