Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sir Ragnar miniature

Next monday I'll have some friends over for a night of HeroQuest! Last time we played a custom quest called the Goblin Cave. Now that my friends have learned how to play, it's on to the official base game quests! We'll skip the first one, as it is extremely simple and boring, and go to rescue Sir Ragnar. Of course, I needed an appropriate mini for Ragnar, so I painted up my Dungeons & Dragons fantasy boardgame mini "Regdar", who I feel is perfect for the role.

I rebased him on a HQ base, made with milliput (tutorial here). I've painted him pretty much as the D&D artwork suggested, a fairly simple paintjob.

It is a simple model after all. I applied some washes, some highlights, and a thin coat of Quickshade to protect the paint, and finished it off with a matte anti-shine varnish spray as usual. Let's see how my friends like him!

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