Sunday, 18 August 2013

YeOldeInn's miniatures exchange October 2012

Back in October 2012, we launched a cool miniature exchange program at the Inn:

Each member participating should paint a minis and send it over to another forum member, in exchange of another minis ! No one knew what they would receive until they received it !

Here below is the result of the miniatures exchange october 2012:

UPDATE! All models have now arrived with the contributors!

Tasoe received an amazing converted Chaos Warrior from Goblin-King

Goblin-King received a nice High Mage from Spiky:

Spiky received a cool Goblin from Wolfie907:

Wolfie907 received a lovely re-engineered Skeleton from Big Bene!

Big Bene received a fantastic converted Orc from Tasoe!

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