Friday, 12 October 2012

Don't miss Spiky's new painting blog on HeroQuest

Hi guys, I just wanted to mention a great new painting blog on HeroQuest that you should definitely have a look at !

Have a nice visit and don't forget to post comments :)


  1. Great painty, Spiky. You sir, are also on my list of people I would send a set of miniatures to in order to receive a fantastic paint job!

    1. If you pick up the Reaper Learn to Paint Kits, you should be able to paint the miniatures yourself. HQ miniatures are actually easier to paint than the miniatures in the kits, yet are nonetheless quite expressive. Start with Beginning: Skin and Cloth, and pick up a Winsor and Newton Series 7 Size 1 brush from FRPGames (best shipping prices).


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