Friday, 12 October 2012

HQ Quest Maker apps Beta version to try !

Hi guys, the news in our HeroQuest community is pretty heavy those time with the release of new HeroQuest-based webseries QUESTing! and now the release of a first beta of HQ Quest maker apps to try.

Download the program HERE.

For those who didn't activelly followed the blog (shame on you!), HQ Quest maker is a new handy tool from Patroclus that allows to import one HeroScribe-made map and then create and edit Quest's notes. The program eventually export the Quest in a nice PNG file that you can then share with us on the Forum in the proper section.

Here is a working example of an output:

ps: The program saves the project file as an ini, so maybe some of you want to write your quest in a notepad first and load it after... The format should look like this:

[Quest Number]

[Quest Title]
The Ancient Spirit

Long ago, a mystic cult has build a tample to worship their God. Many secrets are keeped well inside the heart of their lair. Now you, my heroes, have to go there and take all that is left. Who knows? Books of ancient wisdom? Or maybe treasures unseen for long- long time.

<A.>One of the Goblins should run away and make one of the heroes to fall in the pit.
<B.>This room has one Yeti but it can't reach the heroes.
<C.>The bookcase has a Tome of Magic in an unknown language.
<D.>On the tomb there is a red beutiful gem of 100GC. If you take it, an earthquake shook the ground and a boulder falls in the Yetis room, filling the gap. The Yeti will hunt you down to kill you. A scout appears and to tell you that you should run to the room E and there are reinforcements.
<E.>There is a friendly group of adventurers who can help you with the Yeti. They have come for a secret mission and cannot say much. If you make the last hit to Yeti you will find one potion of healing in this room.

[Wandering Monster]

[Icon Name]


  1. To everyone who uses this great program to create their quests... SHARE! We all want to see and play what you've got.

  2. What is the easiest way to get the final output of this program? Am I missing an export button?

  3. I have made a map with hero scribe, I have downloaded the map maker to do notes, but after I download it then what??

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