Saturday, 13 October 2012

Check out those cool Against the ogre horde miniatures conversion !

Looking at the miniature's now, there are a little bit out of date, but fear not with a little bit of work you will have them looking brand-new. The conversions work is just simply using the new Ogre models that were released by GW only recently, and they seem to fit very well.

Ogre Warrior
Ogre warriors
Ogre Chieftain
Ogre Champion
Ogre Lord
The new Ogre Horde all together !

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  1. Well done, but I would never fiddle with original oldschool vintage models. If you want newer ogres, just use the entire GW ogre models instead. A lot cheaper too ;)
    I can't afford the old ones, and tbh, I love the GW ogres, so I'm using those with my HQ game. I made HQ shaped bases to put them on, and they fit perfectly. Only need to paint them.

  2. I like the cool faces and weapons. I'm personally not keen on the belly shields. Cool conversions nevertheless.


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