Sunday, 22 July 2012

Custom EU Scroll cards

More custom cards!
You might have already seen my Monster and Chaos spell cards, remade into European format with some new art and new descriptions where necessary. Now it's time for Scrolls!
Some US expansions had Scroll cards, which were added to the treasure deck. These scrolls were one use only spells, which could be used by any Hero.

I wanted to have these scrolls available for EU games as well, but not as treasure cards. I wanted them to be seperate Scroll cards, in a seperate deck. When I finish my remake of the Treasure deck, I'll add treasure cards with a scroll as well, that tells you to draw a scroll card from the new scroll deck. This way, Morcar can simply add scrolls to a quest for the Heroes to find, but there is also a random chance of finding a random Scroll Card when searching for treasure.

I added all the scrolls from Kellar's Keep, which were redone by Zenithfleet from Ye Olde Inn, plus some of my own, and some that were inspired by others (Flint and Slev, thanks guys!). Then I added the Barbarian and Elf Quest Pack scrolls as well.

EU format Scroll Cards (v2.1)

Some examples:


  1. Superb work, spent an age configuring a similar setup for my own purposes so I fully respect the effort on show here.

    Thanks for sharing!

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