Friday, 20 July 2012

Custom EU Chaos Spell cards

I'm on a card making frenzy, so after my Monster cards, I started making Chaos Spell cards for EU games. The US base game and addons all had Chaos Spells which were used by the evil Chaos Sorcerers and other villains. The EU games didn't. Only Against the Ogre Horde had 3 Chaos spells, and those weren't even cards, but tokens. Wizards of Morcar did have spells for the evil Wizards, but those were different from the "regular" Chaos Spells. Those can be found at Ye Olde Inn.

Zenithfleet from Ye Olde Inn had already done some cards from the US base game, so I started with his work, and added Chaos Spells from all other expansions that had them. I had to do some balancing here and there, and I also renamed a few cards that already existed in other expansions such as Mind Blast (from AtOH and tMotM) which I renamed Paralysis, and Dispell (from WoM and tMotM) which I renamed Counterspell.
I also created cards for the AtOH spells, using the art from the tokens, and doing some photoshopping.

Here's the result, I hope you like them!
EU format Chaos Spell Cards v2.3

Some examples:


  1. I see a typo in your first card : "and" => "end"
    Nice work!

    1. Thanks for pointing out the typo. I'll fix it right away. I'll also make sure the link works again ;)

  2. The download link seems to be broken :(

  3. Again, nice to see EU versions of the cards.


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