Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Custom EU Artefact cards

After I made my EU versions of all the monster cards, including the US expansions and monsters from other fantasy boardgames, it was time to make some more Artefact cards.
The US versions of the base game, Kellar's Keep and Return of the Witch Lord had different and more Artefacts (or Quest Treasure) in the game. So I searched a bit, and found that Zenithfleet from Ye Olde Inn had already converted the US cards into EU format.

The only thing that bugged me were the standard backsides of the cards: The red book. All the other cards have a little scroll at the bottom, with a text, stating what sort of cards they are. But not these. I felt this had to be changed, just like the Monster cards (I also added a scroll with text on those).

The only Artefacts that were still missing were those from the US expansions The Frozen Horror and The Mage of the Mirror. I took a look at those cards as well, did some minor rebalancing, and made EU versions of those as well.

Then I remade the original base game artefacts, so you can now print all the game's artefacts in EU format, with a new card back. So here they are! Enjoy:

EU format Artefact Cards (v1.2)

A preview:

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