Friday, 13 July 2012

Custom EU/UK monster cards

HeroQuest was published in both the US and Europe/UK/Australia. But as you may know, the rules of play were different. Monsters in the EU/UK version all had 1 body point, and died as soon as you managed to damage them in an attack. The US version had tougher monsters.
There were also different expansions in the US and EU/UK. The Barbarian Quest Pack (the Frozen Horror) and the Elf Quest Pack (the Mage of the Mirror) were never released in Europe.

I felt that we Europeans should also have the possibility to play these quests. The quests themselves can be found at Ye Olde Inn, but there are no European cards of the US monsters, as those were never made. Using the US cards with the US monster stats may prove too difficult when combined with the EU rules.

So I created monster cards of these two quest packs, plus some additional monsters from the HeroQuest Marvel winter special magazine, and did some tweaking with the stats.
As of version 2.0, I also added the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy boardgame monsters and some other monsters to the list. I also added the Wizards of Morcar monsters (wizards and men-at-arms). That expansion did have Men-at-arms cards for the players to hire, but no monster cards at all.
The only monsters I didn't add are the 4 Ogre cards from Against the Ogre Horde, because those were already done very nicely by Cyber333. Download those cards here.

Now some monsters are still a lot more powerfull then the regular EU monsters, but I hope these cards will be of use to European players who would like to give those exclusive US monsters a try in their quests, or perhaps try a swing at the original US expansions. Enjoy!

EU format monster cards v2.1

Some samples:

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  1. Great job on the EU cards. EU cards are something we lack at as much of the fan content is made by Phoenix and I, who use the American versions. We need more conversions of fan made Quests into the EU style too.


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