Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saturday night dungeon: the Great Gate

After the game with my family last time, we finished the basic game, so our next one would be Kellar's Keep. That meant I needed many orcs and goblins, painted and ready for battle!
So I started on my goblins, and managed to finish them all before the game night.

 The barbarian (played by me) usually takes the lead. The first door he opens reveals some goblins, led by an orc.
Lusting for battle, the barbarian rushes in and dispatches a goblin.
 The elf has had a gender change since last time, as my mother in law prefers a female character to play :)
 After clearing the first couple of rooms without problems, they find a room with a chest! loot!! But it's trapped! And disappointingly empty as well...
 Outside of this room, the elf finds a door to the large center room. Possibly a boss encounter? Let's find out! A small army of orcs and goblins, led by a fierce fimir awaits her.
After clearing out the central room, and using some spells for attacking and healing as well, the game is not yet over... Our heroes need to find an exit. But what's that? Secret doors suddenly open, and a room with a gargoyle statue is revealed...

The elf decides she should head off on her own again, looking for the exit, while the others fight off some goblins and tackle the gargoyle.

Another exiting adventure has ended in triumph for our brave heroes... But what will await them next time? Stay tuned!!!

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  1. You have your Mother-in-law playing!? That's freakin' awesome! Bravo!


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