Thursday, 14 June 2012

Custom HQ playing table

Some fans don't stop at just painting their minis ! Some will even buid a special table to play their favourite game ! Look at those pictures!
Side view. Look at those Gothic candles.
Evil Zargon side with plenty of room to store his material and fierce monsters to throw at the poor Heroes !
The player side.

Would you imagine yourself building a special table exclusively for heroquest one day ?

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  1. I collected these pics when I first saw this table up for auction on eBay near ten years ago. Making my own table has been on my to-do list ever since. However, I'm thanful I've held off. With the introduction of tablets into the market, I would redesign the Game Master's side of the table to incorporate a docking station to house and power the device. I'd also make the board area interchangeable. Allowing one to remove and replace the board with another making the table versatile for all gaming, or HeroQuest expanding.


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