Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ethica's digital questbook

Ever got tired of taking ages to print off lovely questbooks only to realise after they contained spelling mistakes or that you wanted to revise them after they were played ?

Ethica was going to put all his quests onto his ipad but what then realised what he really wanted was something that could replace the paper questbooks and be stored exclusively with the HQ stuff.

So he put put the quests onto a digital photoframe. The device has a touch screen so you can zoom in and quickly flip between quest, monster stats, rules and other notes. Additionally, it also plays mp3's so you can put mood music on.

Ethica made a leather binding for it too. This took a few days of solid grafting. The leather stitching was so boring and took at least 6 hours in itself. But at the end, the result is quiet amazing and really though.

Find more at yeoldeinn's original forum post !

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  1. I've been wanting to get a tablet to host all my digital HeroQuest files on to use as a virtual Quest Book for several years now. Never thought of having a beautiful leather case to go along with it. Now... it's a must have!


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