Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Alternative layout for Quest 1 : The trial

That first Quest is always so d*** hard for the hero's! It's funny how they made the first Quest the hardest in the entire Quest book for the Gamesystem! Here is a alternate Quest Skulmar made for Quest 1 the Trial because so many times whoever plays it has to redo the quest!

The same quests notes can be used from the original game system version.

Please try this alternative layout and post your feedback in comment or on the original thread.


  1. Having a set of alternate maps is a good thing to have. Not only does it give a dungeon master more variety than playing the same layout with each new group, it allows a group to adventure again without knowing where to go. Heroes who traversed a dungeon and failed can try again without any clairvoyance on the design.

  2. Looks like fun, gonna try it soon.


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