Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fimir by Sjeng

My Fimir are done! I tried cutting away as much of the mouldlines as possible, but after the painting and specifically the washing with thraka green, I still see some lines. But meh, *shrug* I like em :)

I started with the bases, adding Milliput to them, and adding bumps and lines in them. After they hardened, I basecoated the miniatures Chaos Black.
Then I drybrushed the bases with dark and light grey. Then I drybrushed the chainmail under the belly-shields, and painted the eyes red. When that dried, I added the yellow irises, and traced the eyes carefully with goblin green. Then I started the rest of the skin with more green, and then the gold and brown on the armor, and the metal and brown on the axes. Finally I did the details: tail-bones, toenails, teeth, dots on the leather armor parts etc.
After that was done I carefully drybrushed the skin snot green (lighter), and andded some highlights with my smallest brush. Then I washed the entire mini with thraka green wash, and that's it!
All that remains to be done are the edges of the bases (I always give them black edges) and then varnish them with matte spray to preserve the paint. Hope you like 'em!

1 comment:

  1. The whitening the knobs on the tail really makes them stand out as a natural weapon. Great painting.


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