Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Chronicles of Sir Ragnar Prequel: Outpost at the Mountains' Base

Outpost at the Mountain's Base sets the pace for the Chronicles of Sir Ragnar community project at Ye Olde Inn's Adventurer's Guild. This Prequel Quest contains Character Cards for new Heroes. This Quest is not played by the traditional four Heroes, but by Sir Ragnar and three of his companions, each with their own abilities and equipment. Take part in the first chapter of Sir Ragnar then join us in the Adventurer's Guild to continue the legacy of this great hero.

“The foot of the Black Mountains have long been a strategic point for any who desire control of the charcoal peaks. Chaos has decided to gain some footing by constructing an Outpost here. Sir Ragnar, you are to gather your companions and claim this base in the name of our Emperor. Be wary, good knight, for a vicious Warlord, Ulag, maintains this Outpost. His minions will fight tooth and nail to keep it. Be strong, fight with valor, return safe.”

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  1. It's a real shame this community project never took off. A community Quest project has been tried and died on a total of four HeroQuest forums now. With the popularity of Ye Olde Inn, we really thought a community quest project had a chance this time around. Perhaps one day it will see development. I know Phoenix and I would still like to see something more come out of it. Right now, we're both just too busy to do it ourselves.

    1. Can you send me your notes / pictures / work in progess? I'll have a look at it :)


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