Thursday, 28 June 2012

Into the Sewers

Hello everyone!

I've compiled a series of quests based on quests made by Ken and Mortis (from the Lost and the Damned forum) and two maps from Dragon Magazine. Credits are in the booklet, as are all maps, cards and tiles needed for these quests.
These quests are about a town harassed by Skaven in their sewage system, and it is up to you to free a prominent member of the Emperor's court from their clutches!
Let us know what you think by commenting!
Into the Sewers (pdf) - maps and cards included!

Miniatures needed:
- some Skaven (clanrats from GW for example, or from AHQ)
- a Skaven White Seer / Warlock figure (I simply used one of the Skaven Clanrats)
- a Skaven Rat-Ogre
- optionally some tavern-folk (barkeeper, maid, visitors)
- a nobleman as the tax collector.
- some giant rats (giant rat tokens are included)

Can be played fairly early on. Players who have played at least 5 quests from the HQ main game should be able to succesfully finish these quests.

I'm currently making boards for the maps. I'll post pics tomorrow when they're finished :)

1 comment:

  1. We definitely need to add these maps to HeroScribe. Especially those sewers.


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