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The Fellowship of Four by Dave Morris

This quest is one Skullmar created based on the novel The Fellowship of Four by Dave Morris. Much of the Quest notes have been copied or paraphrased from his novel...

Wandering Monster : Orc

The Fellowship of Four

(A Prequel to “The Maze” and “The Trial”)

Quest Based on the Hero Quest Novel by Dave Morris

"Centuries ago the Evil Kyrax was bound by wizardry under the mountains of the Frozen North. Now his acolytes are on the brink of freeing Kyrax, releasing his demonic power into the world again. Four adventurers- the young wizard Fortunato, the elf Eildonas, the mighty barbarian Asgrim, and Anvil the dwarf are drawn together on a quest to ensure that the terrible power of Kyrax cannot again sweep the land. But will their skills be equal to those of the famed Heroes of Ages Past? Anything less and Chaos will prevail…" (BACK COVER OF NOVEL)

ALL HERO’s must successfully survive this quest in order to complete it.

Quest Notes:
This quest starts simultaneously in three separate areas of the right side of the board... There are three separate starting scenario’s: A)The Wizard and Elf B) The barbarian and C) The Dwarf … The dwarf should start first followed by the Barbarian then the Wizard(Elf) Then Zargon... and so on...This will help with the timing of this quest.

A) Starting Scenerio for Wizard and Elf: Fortunato, the wizard is late, on his way to see his mentor, Archimage Matholem, who has summoned him at his manse in Truillon. When he arrives at Matholem’s manse he is told by the steward that Matholem and all his adepts had left several days ago. Using his wizardry skills Fortunado uses magic to find out that Matholem left with a party to stop the awakening of the Kyrax an evil power that could destroy the earth. With the help of some captive Lunescules, Fortunado is flown away to the forest of Athelron where he is dropped by the Lunescules and caught in a free fall to the forest’s floor… He is injured very badly from the fall and Eildonas an Elf comes to his aid and saves his life. The wizard informs the Elf about the Kyrax and convinces him to go with him on his journey to meet up with Matholem and the rest of the party that has already set out to prevent the Kyrax from being released. In the Forest the Elf and wizard become separated near a troll’s lair. The Elf ends up being captured by the troll and the wizard must prevent the troll from devouring the Elf for his evening meal… The elf is hanging upside down in the Troll’s Lair alive for the moment yet bound and helpless… The wizard enters the troll’s lair at the edge of the forest and deceives the troll by getting him drunk. Thus the troll’s defend dice is reduced to one.

The wizard must defeat the Troll and free the elf so they may continue on their journey to meet up with Matholem and stop the Kyrax. Also let whoever is playing the wizard know that the wizard has a magical bat named Faustus who he may ask for some advice if puzzled on what to do. The wizard starts with a healing potion that restores up to 3 lost body points however the wizard cannot exceed its starting body points of 4.

The Troll’s stats are as follows Movement: 5 Attack: 3 Defend: 1 Body: 3 Mind: 4 Spells do not work against the Troll.

Once the troll is defeated the Elf and Wizard may move to section D of the board however they cannot enter the door marked with the arrow in room B. If the barbarian has not yet been exiled from his native land which consists of room B They must wait in section D until the Barbarian is exiled to continue to section C. They also must wait until the Dwarf has been chanined against the rock in section C to move to that section as well...

B) Starting Scenerio for the Barbarian: Asgrim the Barbarian has confronted his brother Unferth about a jeweled ring Unferth took when he murdered an innocent travelor. Unferth gets angry with vengeance when confronted by Asgrim and they battle to the death…

Unferth’s (the barbarian with the arrow) stats are as follows Movement: 6 Attack: 2 Defend: 2 Body: 4 Mind: 2
If Asgrim defeats his brother he will be exiled from his native land for killing his brother and must leave room B to section D where he is acquianted by the wizard and elf and joins them on their quest to prevent the releasing of the Kyrax.

C) Starting Scenerio for the Dwarf: During a hard days work Anvil the dwarf is interrupted by a clan of orcs who is led by a female orc shaman named Ghashlug. The orcs caused an avalanche that angered Anvil greatly because it negated his day of work. He follows the clan up the mountainside where he bravely tries to take them all on.

Ghashlug should be placed on the square marked X (use the Orc shaman or the large notched sword to represent Ghashlug) The two orcs with an arrow have crossbows and since they are on higher ground they do have line of sight to attack the dwarf with their crossbow’s. The two Orc’s with crossbow’s do not move in battle they fire their crossbows from the same position each turn. Ghashlug does not move nor attack at this moment. Once the dwarf kills 4 orcs Ghashlag sees enough and casts a spell of restraint that chains the dwarf to a rock on the mountainside. Once this happens the Orc clan heads deeper into the mountains while they drag the bodies of the slain Orcs with them. The Wizard, Elf and Barbarian cannot enter the mountainside section C until the Dwarf is chained to the rock and the Orcs have gone.

The dwarf starts with one potion of healing that will restore up to 3 body points however he cannot exceed his starting total of 7 body points

The Orcs with crossbows get 3 attack dice.

Once the Dwarf is chained to the rock the Elf ,wizard, and barbarian are allowed to enter section C where they become acquainted and free the dwarf from the chained rock. The 3 inform the dwarf about the Kyrax and head deeper into the mountain in search of Matholem's Party.

D) This section of the board is the exhile land where the Barbarian first meets the wizard and elf. The wizard Barbarian and Elf all mingle here until the dwarf has killed 4 orcs and has been chained to the rock by the Orc Shaman in section C.

E) These are the slain bodies of two of the orcs the dwarf killed earlier.

F) Once the last hero enters the door next to the letter F (use an iron door) The two dead slain orcs become zombies and chase and attack the four hero’s.

G) This hallway is an icy river inside the mountain caverns these two orcs are the other two slain bodies from the dwarfs fight in section C. The first hero to step through the slain orc’s notices that their hearts have been removed. This relieves the hero’s that they will not return as zombies as the previous 2 at the beginning of the stairwell did.

H) This is a circular room at the end of the stairwell and icy river inside the mountain caverns. However the entrance deeper into the mountain caverns is blocked by a stone plug. The heroes must figure out how to remove the plug out of place to enter further into the mountain… Let the heroes try to figure this one out on there own… The only possible way to get through is with a pass through rock or genie spell. Pass through rock will only work for the hero the spell is cast on. Using the Genie spell, all 4 heroes will be able to pass as the genie moves the plug out of place however once all four hero’s turns have passed since the genie spell was cast the plug is put back into place, blocking the entrance back out of the mountains. Remind the wizard about Faustus if they get puzzled here… Faustus will tell the wizard to use the genie spell if asked. Faustus will also tell the wizard that the genie spell only works momentarily and once one full Hero turn has passed since the genie spell was cast to move the plug, the plug will reposition itself as a block of the entrance and exit.

I) When all remaining heroes enter this magical dark chaos room deep inside the mountain caverns, every hero besides the wizard is locked inside a portcullis… The quest map shows which hero goes where. The wizard then must confront a dark chaos manifestation of himself… If the dark wizard is defeated the portcullis’s trapping the other heroes magically disappears.

The dark wizards stats are: movement: 5 attack: 1 defend:2 body:3 mind:5
The dark wizard has the following spells, Ball of Flame, Tempest, and Lightning Bolt

J) Use the ice gremlin treasure room tile here: As the Heroes enter this room they notice slain bodies all over the room. Matholem’s party has all perished and Matholem himself is minutes away from dying…

Matholem’s last words to the wizard are ‘The savant knew this day would come, he condemned Kyrax to seven centuries under water that is like stone, seven under stone like fire, Stone like Fire, Don’t fail me this time.’ then Matholem dies.
Faustus then tells the wizard that Matholem must have meant that somehow we must use the magic of fire to defeat Ghashlag and the Kyrax.

K) Both rooms with the letter K are fully revealed when the first one is entered. The tomb is where the demon Kyrax is imprisoned. Ghashlag is to be placed on the X use the Orc with the notched sword or the Orc shaman to represent Ghashlag. All orcs in these rooms are alive and ready for battle the two with arrows pointing at them are equipped with crossbows and roll 3 to attack when using their crossbow and 2 to attack when attacking adjacent.
Ghashlag stats are: movement:6 attack:3 defend:3 body:5
Right before Ghashlag points are reduced to zero he casts firestorm which inflicts both (K) rooms monsters and heroes with 3 body points of damage. This kills any remaining Orcs and each Hero must roll two red dice. for each 5 or 6 rolled the damage is reduced by one point. The heroes cunningly open the tomb of demon of Kyrax just as Ghashlog casts this spell. Once this happens read the following from the novel starting in the middle of page 110 to the end:

The "teleport A" tile on the quest map represents the escape route through the Journey Bag.

Pgs 110-113 of novel:

"Ghashlug, thrown off her feet, pitched forward from the ledge..."

See the original thread on the forum and discuss this quest.


  1. Taking the story from the book and turning into an actual quest... what a novel idea. (yeah, I went there.) A great adaptation of the story. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I know that's a very very old article but the quest map is unavailable.
    It's possible to re-up ?



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