Tuesday, 26 June 2012

HeroQuest storage box 4

And yet another amazing home-built HQ box, this one is made by CaptainNeatoman:

"I'm really excited about this one. Inspired by Ethica's awesome custom HeroQuest box, and with the help of my father, who is a professional woodworker (and conveniently lives three miles away from me), I decided to make my own. We're partway through right now, but we got a LOT done over the weekend and I have some in-progress pictures to show you all.

Although I really loved Ethica's box, I wanted to do something a little different. Specifically, while I loved the idea of having a stronger, more secure place to store my game, I didn't like the idea of throwing out my original cardboard game box with all the classic artwork (or trying to store it separately somehow). So, we conceived the idea of making the new box three levels instead of two. The inside of the lid, where Ethica has the figures stored, will instead contain the original game box, so that when you open the wooden lid, you are met with the HeroQuest graphics. Below that, the main section of the box will contain the Armory panel with the furniture pieces under it, and partitioned sections just like Ethica's for the quest books and cards. Below THAT, there will be a drawer which opens from the front, containing all the figures.

Here's a .pdf containing an early design of this concept, which we did not end up using, but which is perfectly doable if anyone wants to give it a go."
Work in progress: the lid holds the original box, and the top shelf holds the furniture, with the armory card on top, and the rulebook plus the cards in seperate spaces.
The top view, with the logo chiseled out, burnt in and painted.
The leather straps that run all around the box keep the bottom shelf closed.
An inside view.
The shelf holding the miniatures. Plenty of room for more!
The complete box.
 Who wouldn't want to play a game of HQ after seeing that brought to the table? Superb!


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  2. That box reminds me of the storage box for the movie jumanji. Happy organizing.

  3. Now THAT is a chest! With all the fixin's too. I really like the way the logo is carved to show some depth. Looks like it might take two people to carry the sucker because it's so huge. I'd love to find this chest in my dungeon.


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