Friday, 29 June 2012

Making custom game boards

For the "Into the Sewers" quests you need 2 new boards. Here's some pics of how I made those boards. The printouts of the boards are included in the quest pdf.

The materials needed: Cardboard, 70x50cm about 3mm thick / black paper 70x50cm / black duct-tape / a can of glue spray for paper / a tape measure / a pencil / a sharp hobby knife.

Glue the black paper on the back of the cardboard using the spray glue. Use caution: spray at 30cm distance, do not inhale, spray in a well ventilated area, and use some underground like plastic or more cardboard. Use the duct-tape on the edges.

Fold the ends of the tape around the edges by cutting in the tape like shown.

Do this around all the edges. If you tape the short edges first, you can fold the edges of the long sides over the short sides. I did it the other way around, but it's better to do the edges last.

When finished, mark the middle of the back of the board, using the tape measure and pencil. Cut almost through the board, just enough so it folds.

Stick some tape over the folded edge. Press it firmly into the groove.

Leave some tape on each side, and cut it in half as shown.

Fold the tape over the sides firmly.

Lay down the tiles, so it fits on the board. Take the middle 4 pieces first, and spray them with glue. Mark the center of the board halfway with a pencil.

Using a box for spraying is handy.

Carefully place one tile on the board at the marked center, along the folding line (you can fold the board halfway while placing the first tile).
Place the rest neatly along the first.

After the first 4 tiles, simply glue the outer tiles along the edges of the middle tiles. Let it dry a bit.

The end result! I used some transparant regular sticky tape on the middle folding edge, so the paper wouldn't fold/crumble when folding the board.

I'm going to try and see how adhesive transparent foil will look like on a smaller tile, the kind you use for protecting books, and perhaps stick that over the entire boards as well, for waterproofing.

Hope you like! Enjoy ;)

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  1. Great tutorial. I'll be printing my maps on poster paper at a print shop, but now I know how to mount them nicely and turn them into actual game boards.


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