Thursday, 27 August 2015

(Re-) Discover Lemmeron's custom equipment cards for HeroQuest!

We have a lot of talented member at the inn. One of them is Lemmeron.
Some time ago, he made made a deck of custom equipment card for his family for hero quest.

He originally was going to go the print at home route, but being a perfectionist he couldn't handle it when the front of the card didn't line up proper with the back due to home printer duplex mode sucking.

So he went the full photoshop high Rez design and professional print mode.

A summary of my card system :
* utilises the black, green, orange and purple combat dice (see here for more infos)
* all heroes now have different starting dice that serve to differentiate them all. Barbarian higher chance to hit and be hit. Dwarf standard. Elf lesser chance to hit and be hit. Wizard lesser chance to hit and more of being hit.
* magical attack or effects using purple dice.
* equipment cards add to characters starting dice in most circumstances rather than simply replacing them
* dual wielding balanced and fun
* helmet and bracers function changed.
* new armour rules for heavy armour
* artifact cards revamped for new combat dice and system
* artwork attempts to tie in with old school cards but cards are higher quality than the originals (the ones shown are full plastic and so will never wear out)

Comment, like and see more at YeOldeInn here.
Download the cards here.

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