Thursday, 27 August 2015

Plaid Hat Games announces a new miniature skirmish game based on Mice & Mistics universe ! See preview of Tail Feathers !

Tail Feathers

Soar Into Battle!

Tail Feathers takes place in the story-rich Mice and Mystics world, where valiant mice and their friends brave adventure and battle villainous rats in story-driven scenarios. Tail Feathers situates an innovative head-to-head flight-battle game in the Mice and Mystics universe.
Check out some of the coolest gameplay twists in Tail Feathers below; read the rules linked to on the right for a full description.

Tilting Flight System

Snibble on Valchirp
At the beginning of each round, players set their birds' tilts, indicating their intended flight direction for the turn. When your bird is activated, it has a chance to adjust its tilt (according to its pilot's skill), and then glides on variable paths in the direction it is leaning. Different birds come with different stats and abilities, and interchangeable pilots with their own unique characteristics and action cards offer immense variability.

Send Ground Troops on Missions

Snibble on ValchirpIncluded ground troop miniatures, as well as the well-loved Mice and Mystics miniatures, aren't left behind, fighting alongside the birds and pilots! Ground troops run across tree branches, float across the battlefield on leaves, and make their way through the air being transported by friendly birds. Send your ground troops on dangerous missions each round, rescuing birds and pilots, attacking target birds, besieging the enemy tree and intercepting other mission teams! But be careful, because a swoop attack on your mission could spell disaster!

Classic Mice and Mystics Flavor

Tail Feathers comes with ten(!) custom Mice and Mystics dice, identical to and interchangable with Mice and Mystics and its expansion. Also returning is the opportunity to collect cheese and spend it for special action cards. And the Mice and Mystics story is back too--four highly replayable and customizable scenarios are built-in which can also be played as a campaign with unit progression.

Big Heavy Buckets of Theme

Send birds into death spirals when they lock beaks with enemy birds! Rattle the opposing pilot to gain an advantage! Avoid the tail feathers that fly around in the chaos! Sail on leaves across the battlefield toward the enemy tree! Set the enemy home nest on fire! Cleverly choose and play unique action cards! Between the inventive mechanics and the incredible art and miniatures, you'll be in the thick of the fight with Tail Feathers.
Order Tail Feathers from and receive the Mice and Mystics Lost Chapter "Portents of Importance" as well as the related Search Card and Initiative Card (requires Downwood Tales). Pre-order from and get $15 off the retail price!

Checkout the rules !

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