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Saturday Night Dungeon: The Eyes of Chaos part 2

 New Year's Eve: the saga continues!
Last time our heroes cleared the first level of the Tomb's of the Phalanx in "The Eyes of Chaos", and now they have ventured down into the second level. The stairway collapsed behind them, and they must find their way out, while seeking the source of the ogre invasion.
 As the elf opens the first door, a group of two orcs and an ogre await them with threatening snarls. She shoots, but the orc she tries to hit is alert and blocks the attack!
 The dwarf enters the room to finish it off, but as he passes the doorstep, another Eye of Chaos is activated, and the poor sorceress loses a spell!
 Next, the barbarian rushes in, ignoring any threats of possible traps, and tries to kill the ogre. He rolls badly, and is easily blocked by the brutish ogre. The monsters both fail to do damage though, and during the next turn, the dwarf manages to slay the ogre.
After the last orc is also dispatched, the sorceress searches for treasure, but triggers a dart trap and loses a body point.
Meanwhile, an army of ogres waits impatiently to get on the board...
These are my cards. I printedmy own sets, which are the European cards, but edited to fit the NA rules. I added 2 potion cards and 2 scroll cards to the treasure deck, and when drawn, the players draw a potion or scroll for the respective decks.
The Evil Wizard deck is also a nice touch to spice things up.
Here's our dice tower of doom! Along with some punch in good New Year's Eve tradition.
And a little decorated tree. But anyway, on with the quest!
As the heroes venture into the hallway, they spot some spear traps and disarm them.
The next room holds only a treasure chest, which turns out to be trapped. The heroes leave the room alone.
I made the mistake of not reading the entire quest before playing it, and so I missed the part where a key needs to be found to open the center room. As the notes for the room itself does not mention the door to be locked, I simply opened it. Lesson learned. In the end it didn't matter a whole lot for the quest, but it did spoil the story a bit.
The chaos warlock in this room is the brain behind the ogre invasion, and sends two of his bullies at the heroes.
Another fountain with the Eyes of Chaos is in the room, granting the enemy extra defense.
The heroes formulate a tactic, but opinions are divided. The dwarf wants to rush in and kill them all, but the others want to flee... Interesting...

The first ogre falls to a diagonal attack by the dwarf. The orc switches to his crossbow quickly and unnoticed.
But before he has a chance to fire, the barbarian storms in and kills it. Morcar is seeing his evil plans foiled by the heroes again...
But the second ogre closes in on the barbarian, rolls 4 skulls and does some damage. The chaos sorcerer knows some fire spells, and doesn't hesitate to use them! A Ball of Flame is thrown at the dwarf, who suffers 1 damage.
Morcar also casts a spell that denies the heroes any spellcasting during their next round.
And so the heroes flee before the intimidating chaos sorcerer. Good... Good... *evil grin*
The ogre notices that the elf is behind, and so he goes into the corridor and blocks her way.
As he attacks her, Morcar strengthens him and as the elf rolls for defense, she gets hit for one extra damage!
But the raging dwarf heads back and kills the ogre with one strike. "Thanks" mutters the pouting elf, who hasn't been feeling very useful so far.
The chaos sorcerer casts Fire of Wrath of the elf, as she is lowest on life, but the elf isn't too worried, because she has the Armband of Life, that will resurrect her should she fall. Plus she also has a potion of healing stashed away.
She enters the center room and fires her crossbow at the evil mage. She even manages to deal fatal damage, but the wretch pulls out a green vial and gulps it down.
He lives on! The dwarf doesn't quite make it to him, his heavy plate mail slowing him down...
... But the sorceress casts Genie on the chaos sorcerer, and finishes the job. And so the kill goes to the sorceress, leaving the elf grumbling some more.
But Morcar gets some revenge, as he draws a log trap, that rolls over the nicely bunched up heroes in the hallway. But even that little joy is thwarted, as all heroes deftly dodge the rolling log, suffering no damage at all... Curses!
They spot a pit trap further down the corridor, and the barbarian limberly leaps over the pit with his fluffy bunny boots.
Morcar is in for more bad luck, as he draws a Map card, forcing him to reveal an unexplored room to the heroes. They pick a good one too... Plus, this prevents Morcar from drawing anymore cards, as he has monsters on the board now. Blasted!!! Morcar makes a mental note to remove that one from the deck.
The dwarf finds some gold and jewels in the chest in the center room, and tries to catch up with the others...
... and after he disables the pit trap, the heroes venture forth again. Pierre Chancier still happily follows the rest.
The barbarian has the lead and discovers a falling rock trap, which could split the party in two if it should fall...
But the dwarf manages to disarm it fortunately, and so that threat is also gone. Morcar is having a bad day. "I never should have let a mere chaos sorcerer handle these ogres... Better to prepare an army of ogres next time..." he muses.
And so our heroes venture forth, taking care to search for traps and secret doors at every corner.
A small room reveals three orcs blocking the way. One of them is immediately split in half by the barbarian.
A second one falls to the blade of the dwarf, but the third one retreats from the doorway after having attacked the barbarian first.
The barbarian angrily enters the room, and hacks away. But the cunning orc blocks his feeble attack!
The sorceress steps in next to him, and manages to whack him in the head with her staff. That's it for the orcs. On to the next room!
Well now, a crossbow orc at the ready, flanked by two huge ogres. Stepping inside would be a bad idea, so the elf tries to shoot the orc. She misses though. At least Morcar isn't the only one having a bad luck streak.
The sorceress uses her Fire of Wrath spell on the annoying crossbow orc, but he somehow manages to miraculously dodge it! Morcar's luck seems to have turned for the better!
The orc fires at the elf, but she blocks the attack. The evil minions reposition themselves, and one ogre attacks the elf as well. He misses. Shortest lucky streak ever.
The elf steps aside, and the dwarf takes care of the first ogre in the cramped room.
They dare not enter the room, weary of traps, so they wait, and the second ogre tries to give the dwarf a beartrap hat.
But the dwarf easily dodges the brute, and puts his bastard sword between its eyes. Another ogre for the dwarf. He's getting quite the collection.
The sorceress makes a bold move, and walks in, casting Tempest on the orc. While it is disoriented by the tempest, the others kill it and open the next door.
More ogres!! A large ogre chieftain is in the room, overseeing the torture of a poor soul. Two other ogres head for the door to take care of the heroes.
The ogre executor finishes his job before he also turns to the heroes.
Things look grim for the heroes, but they feel confident enough, armed to the teeth with their weapons and healing potions.
And so the first ogre dies at the hands of the dwarf. Another notch on his axe handle. "Leave some for me!" the barbarian yells.
The ogres put up a big fight, but only nibble away at the heroe's body points slowly. The sorceress stands by with a healing spell for the dwarf, and uses rock skin on him.
The next ogre dies, this time it's a score for the barbarian.
The executioner steps up, clobbering the dwarf. He loses a body point and his stone skin spell fizzles!
Meanwhile, Pierre makes sure the orcs in the unexplored room stay where they are. Morcar badly wants to open the door, but he isn't allowed... *sigh*
Then the executioner falls... The chieftain roars and his blade flashes a bright red, matching the glow of the Eyes of Chaos in the fountain.
He gets closed in by the dwarf and the barbarian, but not before the elf tries to shoot him. She misses though, and so the other two prepare their attacks.
Dispite his 6 defense dice, the chieftain falls easily to the blades of the dwarf and barbarian. The Eyes of Chaos steal another spell from the sorceress and disappear in a puff of smoke.
The elf decides to make herself useful, and explores the next room. It's empty except for some furniture. No traps are found, and the weapons rack holds a staff. The cupboard is trapped though, but the heroes take their time to disarm it and find 80 gold inside.
The room on the other side is occupied by the chieftain's lieutenant ogre, a mean butcher with a huge skull mask. "Oooooh, I want that one!" the elf exclaims.
She steps inside, and shoots her crossbow. She only rolls one skull, and the ogre blocks it. The elf does a facepalm.
The dwarf steps in, and scores a solid hit, but the ogre has two body points, so it takes the barbarian's attack to finish it off.
The barbarian takes pity on the poor elf, and tells her she can take credit for the kill, and offers her the rather heavy corpse as a trophy. She happily accepts. When the dwarf searches for treasure, he finds an orc hiding under the table. It attacks and scores a hit! After the dwarf kills the orc, they open the treasure chest and find two spell scrolls and a key that was supposed to open the door to the center room.
A little bit later, the heroes come to the conclusion that Pierre is near the only door they haven't tried yet, so they all head there. "Let's not open the other door, shall we?" the elf says. The others agree.
More orcs and an ogre await, guarding what the party believes to be the exit.
The orcs quickly fall for the attacks of the barbarian and the dwarf, and there was much rejoicing.
The dynamic duo takes on the ogre, and it dies without posing much of a threat, dispite its menacing hammer.
And so out heroes have taken care of the ogre threat, cleared out the Tombs of the Phalanx (except for a few orcs), and even managed to keep Pierre alive through it all. Huzzah!! They cheer, and do a dance of joy.

What dangers will await our heroes next time? Will Morcar have his revenge? Is that Radler in the glass on the table?

Stay tuned and find out in the next episode of... Saturday Night Dungeon!!!

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  1. Great game!
    Have you created the extra rules you are using atm? Looks like fun =)

    I might have to do some form of amending to the rules to allow for new situations to crop up as I didn't have a lot of luck trying to get my friends to go back to HeroQuest, oh well...


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