Friday, 16 January 2015

Cleric spells cards

[This is an extract from YeOldeInn's forum]
Thanks to Arkcaver for having made that !

I've been reading through the forum over the last week, and this thread: has inspired me to work on some of my old cards. They are really showing their age!

These are some Cleric spell cards that I made but never published. Here is a bit of info on them:

1) I've always thought that Mind Points were not utilized properly in HQ. So these use Mind Points to defend against the spells.
2) I didn't write this on the card, but my house rule was if a creature starts with 0 mind points then a spell that uses mind points to defend can't be cast on it - it is immune. Use the rule or not... up to you.
3) The rules specifically say that to cast a spell the target must be visible. I didn't bother writing 'that you can see' on most of the cards because of this rule. I did specify things like 'in the same room or corridor', meaning hat the Cleric can cast these spells on Heroes/monsters, even if he can't see them.

I've got another set I'd like to do next (Druid spells), then I'd like to start redoing my older ones.

Here is the back for the Cleric Spells:

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