Friday, 22 August 2014

Twisting Catacombs Kickstarter by Zealot Miniatures

Zealot Miniatures has been making lots of cool miniatures and dungeon accessories the past few years, and in particular some great doors, bases and even heroes for HeroQuest. Now they're planning on expanding there store rapidly, and will use the popular crowdfunding platform "kickstarter" for it.

Zealot has already teased some cool accessories on his facebook page! So go check that out, and LIKE.

Zealot Miniatures will soon be running 'Twisting Catacombs: A Dungeon Scenery Kickstarter'. This came about since there are many fun and fantastic Dungeon RPG Board Games available, both new and old, and they come with some lovely character miniatures, that is for sure!
But what really makes these games into an involving and cinematic experience for all players involved - is the setting; the vast, magical, fantasy themed Dungeon! And to best spark the imaginations, your Dungeon needs atmospheric and detailed scenery and terrain, not just fiddly card counters! Step forward Twisting Catacombs!
This Kickstarter will vastly expand on the range of dungeon game scenery, decor and bitz which we already offer in the store, with a new, broad range of exciting miniatures and scenery for your games.
WIP pictures will be added here, but to keep up to date with all the goings on, be sure to follow us on our Facebook page or subscribe to our newsletter.
If you would like to get involved with feedback and suggestions, you can follow our topic on Ye Olde Inn here. All pledgers who are members of Ye Olde Inn forum will be given a special exclusive miniature once funding is complete.
May all your quests be glorious ones, Hero!

For those that don't already know how this works:
1. A company shows you their product on a kickstarter page, and gives you several pledge tiers to choose from. Each tier has a certain reward level (stuff you get!) for a certain price (money you pledge!)
2. You pick what you want, and pledge the level amount or more. The money will not be taken from your account until the kickstarter funding period has passed, ánd the project was successfully funded. If the project isn't funded before the time period ends, you will not be charged, and the project will have failed.
3. If a project is successfull, and all the backer's money is transferred, the company will send out a survey (usually within a month time), to have the backers fill in what they pledged for. You fill in the survey, send it in, and the company will know what you wanted for your pledge.
4. You wait until the company finishes production of the items and ships it to all backers.
5. Package arrives! Rejoice!

Bear in mind that some projects require extra shipping costs, and you may or may not need to pay VAT or import taxes, depending on where you live and where the company is shipping from.
The time between a kickstarter period and actual delivery may be long. Sometimes over year. Be sure to check estimated delivery dates if this is an issue for you.
Most companies on Kickstarter deliver sooner or later. But it's always a good idea to do some websurfing, and read about the company you're backing.

Having said all that, in my experience Zealot Miniatures is a reliable company, where many people from Ye Olde Inn have ordered items in the past, and the owner is very helpful and friendly, and always delivers.
So if you need some extra dungeon scenery, this is definately a kickstarter you don't want to miss!!!

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  1. Zealot Miniatures was pretending to develop its firm by using the Kickstarter platform well from my point of view it's a good thing to do because Kickstarter are born to develop business and they will satisfy all your needs without any delay of time.


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