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Saturday Night Dungeon: Revenge of the Weather-Man

Finally, time for another gaming night! This time we played "Revenge of the Weather-Man", while I'm still painting my Ogres. I need those done before we play the Ogre Horde expansion, so still a lot to do before then!

This quest needed some new tiles and doors, so I have been busy printing, cutting and glueing those. All tiles are available from (the nr.1 HeroQuest resource website + forum!)
Instead of playing the Barbarian and Wizard, I was asked to play Morcar, because as I was making the tiles, I needed to familiarize myself with the quest a bit.
And so a new Barbarian(ess?) and Wizard(ess?) joined the team.
The first room is trap-free, but a search for treasure reveals a hidden monster: a wild Death Reaper appears! A cold, chilling skeleton swipes it's scythe at the wizard, but misses!
Luckily, the dwarf manages to cut it in half swiftly.
But Morcar has some new tricks up his sleeve! For every round I had nothing to do, and no monsters on the board, I was allowed to draw a card from my new Evil Wizard Deck! *Muhahahahahahaaaa!!*
And so, my first trick was a pit trap, and with a roll of a D4, the poor wizard is hit... Yes, the new Morcar isn't playing around.
The next room reveals a door and a hidden door, with 2 fimir behind it! The wizard turns pale. Fortunately, the dwarf can run up to the door and blocks the way.
As the other heroes gather around, one of the fimir attacks the dwarf. The other one blocks the next door. The dwarf scores two hits on the green monster, and it dies.
The barbarian decides to check out the other door, and finds three goblins waiting for her there. She boldly heads inside, but misses her attack on the first goblin.
After the elf shot the second fimir down in one stroke, the others head back to help the barbarian.
Here's a nice shot of the table with the new Evil Wizard Deck, and my fantasy sound effects app.
All of a sudden, the door behind the barbarian slams shut with a loud BANG! The others are locked out, and can't open the door... The goblins show their toothy grins and attack.
All three the goblins miss their attacks though, apparently distracted by the barbarians "assets", and she kills a second wide eyed goblin.
The Elf ventures forth and searches for traps.
The next round, the door opens again, and the barbarian stands there, surrounded by the bodies of three goblins. Because the dwarf is slow again, the barbarian attempts to disarm the pit trap, not wanting to skip her turn and risk more unexpected surprises from Morcar's Deck.
She fails her roll and tumbles in. Morcar smiles, and plays another surprise card: apparently, the barbarian has a hole in her pocket, and loses 50 gold, her entire savings. No surprise with such a tiny outfit!
The dwarf disables the pit trap, and helps the barbarian scramble out, and the elf opens the next door and steps into a freezing cold room. A cold wind howls through it (with the help of the sound effects app). "It's rather chilly in here" the elf shouts above the wind, "we best not linger here too long!". The wizard passes her and opens the next door. To her chagrin, she finds a blue skinned ice-gargoyle in the next room. "Time to heat things up here!" she yells, and casts Ball of Flame on the creature.
It hits the gargoyle for 2 points, which are doubled for the icy monster. Still, it doesn't fall.
The barbarian and dwarf roll insufficient to run through the blizzard room, so they decide to wait a bit.
The elf takes one cold damage, and runs out of the room, firing her crossbow at the monster. It is hit for another 2 points, and it dies even before it has had a chance to attack... Morcar is not amused.
The wizard also takes cold damage, and is now down to two body points. The barbarian rolls a low roll again, and waits a turn. So does the dwarf. The wizard opens the next room, and checks the first tile for traps. Finding none, the elf steps inside. But as soon as she steps through the door, evil Morcar plays another trick! Another Death Reaper ambushes her. It hits her for one point of damage, and the hit freezes her in place!
The wizard attempts a diagonal attack, but misses. Meanwhile, the other two heroes make it across the blizzard room.
The Death Reaper attacks the wizard, but misses her. The elf steps back so she can fire her crossbow at the undead minion, and kills it.
The room has a chest that holds 100 gold coins.
The other small room seems to be just a passageway, and the next corridor has two zombies in it. The wizard steps aside so another brave hero can deal with them.
They are easily dispatched, and the dwarf heads on over to the next room.
Inside is a fireplace and a strange looking door.
The heroes check the room for traps and treasure. They find some gold. The elf donates it to the barbarian, telling her not to put it in her pants again. The barbarian stuffs the gold in another place, much to the amusement of the dwarf.
The dwarf opens the strange looking door, and suddenly the doorway bursts into flames!
Behind the fiery doorway, four death reapers await those brave enough to pass through the door.
The dwarf steps aside, and lets the elf fire her crossbow at the nearest death reaper. She successfully kills it.
A second death reaper enters the room with the fireplace, apparently unharmed by the fiery door, and attacks the wizard. She manages to block the attack.
 A third reaper attacks the elf, and is also blocked. The last reaper attacks the dwarf, and misses.
Morcar uses the distraction to play another trick: the heroes must roll a combat die to see if they must skip a turn. The dwarf and barbarian are captured in a holding spell, and so the wizard flees into a corner, after killing one reaper with her staff.
The elf protects her, and fires another crossbow bolt into a death reaper.
The last reaper attacks the dwarf, and scores a hit, but he's blocked easily. After another turn, the dwarf and barbarian are released from the spell, and the elf uses her Heal Body spell to heal the wizard back to 4 body points.
The dwarf and barbarian head into the next room after making sure no traps are inside, but suffer 1 damage from the fiery door!
The elf now uses Pass Through Rock on the wizard, so she can pass through the wall unharmed into the next room.
The heroes leave the room with the blazing door behind, and carefully enter the next corridor.
Two skeletons stand guard on both far sides. The elf shoots one down as soon as she steps through the door.
The skeleton on the right side hides behind the corner, so the elf can't shoot it. But with a monster on the board, Morcar may no longer draw cards from the Evil Wizard Deck on his turn. And so the heroes take their time to explore the corridor, and they find the hidden tomb of Gwynt, the weather-man. His keep has been taken by an evil necromancer, Erongil Corpsemaster, and the spirit of Gwynt implores the heroes to destroy the evildoer, so he may rest in piece. He gives them a cryptic advice, saying "no magic may pass the circle of power!" and disappears.
The heroes reach the next corner, and after the skeleton attacks, but is easily blocked, the barbarian cuts it in half. But now Morcar may draw new cards, and plays a card that favours the heroes this time: they find a map, displaying the layout of the keep! One room may be revealed, and of coursse, the heroes choose the center room. Morcar shows them the center room, where Erongil is standing in the center of a circle, with three skeletons guarding him.
Again, Morcar can no longer draw new cards, but Erongil may summon undead minions to his aid every turn! As the heroes advance, the room fills up with the undead, as Erongil summons one corpse after another to help him destroy the intruders.
The heroes stumble upon a deep chasm, with a flow of lava below. They must jump over it or suffer more damage. The barbarian is the only one strong enough to make it over in one jump, and she must pull all the others out one by one.
Finally, they reach the center room, and one by one, they fight the undead horde.
The wizard casts Fire of Wrath on a zombie, the dwarf boldly heads inside to do battle, and so does the barbarian. The elf stays in the doorway to protect the wizard and to shoot her arrows at the enemies within the circle of power.
Erongil keeps summoning new minions to protect him, and keeps putting them in fron of him, so the elf can't shoot him.
But after a few turns, the undead army is slayn, and the heroes can fight Erongil face to face.
He cannot survive the onslaught for long, and dispite having the corpse of an undead hero fighting for him (it defends with white shields, another one of Morcar's tricks!), Erongil soon falls dead on the floor. The circle dissipates and the last skeleton in also killed.

The heroes have freed Gwynt's spirit, and have avenged the weather-man! He appears one last time to them and tells them his tomb holds 500 gold coins as a reward. Huzzah! Another glorious victory for our heroes, who had a great time in this adventure, due to the new Evil Wizard Deck spicing things up a bit.

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