Friday, 9 May 2014

The Liebster Awards!

The day has come! Our beautiful blog has been awarded the prestiguous Liebster Award!
Demi Morgan has seen it fit to nominate us, and so the task has fallen upon me to tell you all 11 truths, give you 11 answers to Demi's questions, nominate 11 new blogs (with less than 200 followers) and think of 11 new questions to ask them. So here goes:

11 Truths:

1. I love thriftshops, fleamarkets and haggling. I secretly hope to find awesome OOP miniature games there, and always buy something game related.

2. I overthink things many times. I check prices, reviews, comparisons before buying anything. I buy a lot though. My wife is the opposite, she doesn't overthink and just buys what she needs, but nothing else.

3. I have a cat who doesn't listen. Ever. At all. But she's so cute though.

4. I wish I was rich, filthy filthy rich. I buy a lottery ticket sometimes. I never win.

5. I'm a sci-fi and fantasy freak. I love watching (just about any) movies and reading fantasy/sci-fi books. I know far too many trivia about fictional works. That's really 3 truths in here!

6. I love boardgames, especially cooperative ones. HeroQuest, Zombicide, Mice & Mystics, I've recently backed Escape Big Box. I also love coop videogames. GuildWars 1+2, Orcs Must Die 2, Trine 1+2, stuff like that. Colourful fantasy games all.

7. I have never done drugs of any kind nor have I smoked. I'm proud of that. I hope my kid will do the same.

8. I love the 80's. Everything from the 80's. 80's cartoons, movies, music, TV-series. GTA: Vice City was a blast.

9. I play the trumpet. I wish I was very good at it, but I can't bring myself to devote myself to getting very good. My current abilities will have to do.

10. I swear in traffic. Traffic can get me agitated easily. Fortunately I can let it go quickly too.

11. I like "wrong" music and clothing. Disco, hawaiian shirts, Iron Maiden, KISS. They make me happy.

11 Questions:

1. Do you remember what was your very first model painted / purchased?
If so - what was it and when?

Well, of course it was HeroQuest. The first models I painted from that set were a goblin and a mummy.

Although long, long before those, I did have some WWII model kits, planes and tanks and such, but I never painted those (at least not much. I had some oil based revell paints then, I'm so glad I've discovered acrylics since then).

2. What is the best brand of matt varnish you've used so far?
I've only used one, and it's Army Painter's anti shine. Works fine, no problems.

3. Is there a strong hobbyists community where you live? Or are you a miniatures-weirdo operating in the dark room connected by internet with other maniacts around the globe?
I'd say the second in my direct circle of friends and family. But I know my FLGS has many warhammer playing folks over at least once a week, who paint. But as I don't play Warhammer, I'm not familiar with them.

4. Do you share miniatures with your kids (if there are any) or is the hobby game for grown ups only?
My painted HQ set will stay adults only, at least until my son is old enough to appreciate the work I put in painting the set. I do have plenty of Reaper Bones minis, that will see gaming use the moment he's old enough to grasp the simple rules of HeroQuest. They are virtually unbreakable. Maybe he'll develop an interest in the hobby :)

5. Do you think brushlicking is the mark of truly devoted painter?
Brushlicking!? What? I don't even... It must be, because I've never heard of it.

6. What mediums and other additions do you use for painting?
Aside from the acrylic paints of course (GW, Reaper), I use the aforementioned Army Painter sprays (primers and matte varnish), and I'm very fond of Army Painter's QuickShade. I don't dip, but brush the stuff on. I also have Milliput and Greenstuff for the occasional modding, along with InstantMold.

7. Would you consider participating in miniatures exchange organized between bloggers?
I've already participated in mini exchanges with members of the Inn (see older posts), but yeah, why not. I just hope I can ship within EU. Postage to the US is killer here.

8. Your opinion about GW rip-off models: all those not-space marines and others.
I'm not into sci-fi models really, so I really have no opinion. I do think GW shouldn't be the only ones making spaceguys. I've seen some cool sci-fi space-jockeys from Reaper and MERCS. GW isn't holy in my book.

9. Do you think Ukraine will survive the crisis thing or will it fall apart to small pieces within coming months?
I really don't know. I don't follow politics that closely. I do think Putin is steering towards WW3, provoking and agitating other world powers. A dangerous game.

10. Do you trust people who do not swear?
Yes. I wish I swore less. I don't mind swearing if it's meant to be funny (movies, stand-up comedy) or in an action movie, but not too much like Debra from Dexter. Good thing there are ratings for series and movies.

11. Does your hobby get any support from the family, or they just don't care? Or maybe your partner would prefer you spend the time doing something more productive?
They support my hobby. My wife and family really like the models I paint, and we play HeroQuest on occasion. My wife does prefer I spend more time with her though, so painting tends to become a difficult pastime. Fridaynights are now my steady 2 hours of hobby time.

11 New Questions:

1. What was your very first miniature? Did you paint it?
2. What's your favourite boardgame?
3. What's your favourite videogame?
4. How much time do you spend on your hobbies?
5. What do you do for a living, and do you enjoy it?
6. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
7. What sort of movies do you watch?
8. What sort of music do you listen to?
9. What's your favourite food?
10. What's your greatest ambition?
11. What your greatest regret?

And the blog's I'm nominating are..... *drumrolls*

Ampersand's "Something in the Dungeon" blog - He's a member of Ye Olde Inn as well, and does some wicked painting and sculpting. He has sculpted alternative versions of the classic HeroQuest heroes, but still needs to do the Barbarian. He promised to do so once his blog reached 50 followers.

Jack's Wargames Ramblings - Someone from my country (NL), who also has an interest in fantasy miniatures.

Wicked Metal - has posted about HeroQuest on occasion, caught my attention.

Enhanced Advanced HeroQuest - the title says it all.

Free Dungeon Tiles to print - my fellow blogger Maike who's also an Inn member. He's made some great looking tiles.

Miniatures for Roleplaying - by Rich Burge. I was amazed he didn't have 200 followers already, this guy paints like a pro!

Endtransmission's Gaming Stuff - by Paul Smith. Found his blog after the Zombicide Season 2 kickstarter. Has some wicked zombies!

Fantasy Paper Miniatures - You need to see this.

Inked Adventures - Billiam Babble's amazing hand-drawn dungeon maps. - by Kasper, a fellow Zombicide fan, who I got to know a little through the kickstarter. He also has a wicked Fantasy blog, with some HeroQuest stuff too! - by seb, another Inn member, who paints stunningly beautiful minis. He's made some custom Warhammer Quest tiles and quests too. Check his blog!

(Honorable mention: Mr. Saturday's Mumblings, you all know his blog, and he's recently been nominated already, so I had to skip his blog. Still, awesome blog!)

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