Saturday, 10 May 2014

Descent sorcerers. Step by Step !

Okay, here's the steps I took for making my regular 'dark sorcerers' for the Descent board game.

To start with, I painted the whole thing dark blue. 

I then used medium blue and did what I call a 'wet drybrush' which is to use a flat end drybrushing brush, load it with paint, only wipe a little off, so its still pretty wet with paint, and then brush onto the model with downward strokes only - so the front and up faces of the model get painted with the medium blue.

I then repeated, but with my lightest blue, and then finally did a normal drybrush with hardly any paint, to do a white touch-up.

Each wet drybrush / drybrush layer began at the top of the model, but ended shorter going down, so that it starts off dark at the bottom, and ends up white at the very top.

I then did a thick wet wash with dark blue. I don't have GW's current citadel wash in blue, only the old version, which isn't as nice a quality wash, but it gets the job done - and it's blue :) 

 I then drybrushed the tops of his legs, and his arms, his head, and the energy above him, with the medium blue, then lighter with white. I then did a few more soft drybrushes with white on his face to really highlight it, and then painted the top of the energy with solid white to make it really bright.

For his base, my current method for all the bases, is paint in medium grey, wash with Agrax Earthshade (the newer version of Devlan Mud, which has a slightly different colour to Devlan Mud) and then drybrush with Karak Stone. That's the method I'll be using on most of the stone tiles in my 3D Descent Tiles when I get around to making them. (Got an email saying the cast plaster pieces might be turning up on Monday, so here's hoping!)

Finally, here's the dark and master sorcerers all together, in better lighting :) As always, you can click on it for a bigger pic :)

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