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Saturday Night Dungeon: The Inn of Chaos

 After cleaning out the Halls of Durrag-Dol, our heroes are in need of a rest. Fortunately, word is that there's a decent inn to be found a few days travel from the Halls. It's still about a week on foot to the nearest town, so this inn would be a good place to rest their wary bones.

And so our four heroes venture forth into a new adventure called the Inn of Chaos!
 As they near the inn, they pass an old graveyard that seems to have been neglected for years... Not paying it much attention, they spot the inn at the end of a muddy road, and see that it's a two story building, with some stables beside it and a fish pond. An eerie feeling comes over the heroes as they get closer... No sound is heard, not even the sounds of animals. They decide it's best to use caution, and so they search for traps as they near the stables. Finding nothing suspicious, they open the first door they find.
 The shed has a toolrack and another door. After Butch the Dwarf makes sure there are no traps inside, Elly the Elf searches the toolrack, and finds a pitchfork she can use as a weapon in close combat.
Sjengis Khan the Barbarian searches the rest of the shed for treasure, but suddenly a flying magical skull appears! It attacks the Barbarian, but he manages to deflect it.
 "What trickery is this!?" shouts the Dwarf, and smashes the skull to pieces with his bastard sword. As he leaves the shed, Elly opens the next door and finds a very foul smelling outhouse. She checks the first tile for traps, but finds none, so she carefully steps in, while pinching her nose.
 As the others head out, leaving the Elf to "do her business" in the smelly outhouse, they pass a corner and see two doors. The first door opens into a stable, where they find two dead horses that have been skinned and cut up for food. "Why would they eat their horses?" asks Eddy the Wizard while the Barbarian checks for traps.
 Elly searches the outhouse for traps, and finds nothing. The Wizard finds 10 hidden gold pieces in the stable, and the others open the second shed, which is also a stable. Another dead horse is inside. "Maybe they were besieged by goblins and couldn't go out to hunt game..." the Dwarf ponders, but is not convinced that's the case.
Elly finally searches the outhouse for treasure, and holding her nose, she inspects the toilet. It's a trap! The chair crumbles to pieces and the poor Elf plunges into the cesspit below. "AAAAAARGH!!" she screams as she loses one bodypoint.
 As the others head back to the courtyard with the pond, the Barbarian finds 50 gold in the second stable, and Elly heads out of the outhouse smelling very badly... She quickly jumps into the pond, washing off the smell.
"There's the inn's front door" Eddy says to the others, and they head towards it, hoping to find food and warmth inside.
 After the dwarf inspects the doorway for traps, and finds none, the Elf steps in and inspects the rest of the room. It's safe. The Barbarian is lagging behind because of his heavy plate armour, and the Wizard lingers in the entrance room and finds a hidden gemstone.
The Dwarf wants some treasure as well, and so he doesn't search for traps at all, but opens the door to the next room, and immediately looks for treasure. It pays off as he finds a hidden cache worth 300 gold pieces!
 Elly warms herself at the fireplace, and then opens the door to what she thinks is the kitchen to find some food. Two zombies that are inside turn their heads towards her! Elly steps back a square and fires her crossbow, killing the first zombie who looks like he might have once been the cook.
 The Barbarian slowly advances, and Eddy cowars behind the Dwarf. "Man up Wizard!" he scolds, and leaps at the second zombie. He chops off its head. "Big fat man... Must 'ave been the innkeeper" he says. "I guess we have to do our own cooking then" says Elly and makes sure the first tile in the kitchen is safe to step on.
 The Barbarian finally enters the inn, and Eddy heads towards the door next to the fireplace. Suddenly a click sounds and the door automatically opens, revealing two more zombies and four skeletons inside! The front door magically slams shut behind the Barbarian, trapping the heroes inside. Eddy almost wets his pants and runs back. "I'll cast Rock Skin on you Butch, you hold them off!" "Leave it to me lad!" Butch eagerly shouts, and takes position between the fireplace and the table, blocking the way.
 Elly meanwhile searches the kitchen for traps. She finds a hidden door into a side room.
The undead advance, and the first zombie, who seems to have been the innkeepers daughter, misses an attack on the Dwarf. Eddy decides to make himself useful and heads to the hidden room, searching for traps inside. He spots a pit trap at his feet. Butch takes a swing at the zombie, but saddened by the terrible fate of the poor innkeeper family, he swings halfheartedly, and the zombie deflects the blow. He takes a step back so Sjengis can assist diagonally.
 Elly heads inside the hidden room and makes sure the chests arent trapped. The innkeepers daughter lurches forward and hits the dwarf, but he blocks the attack. Sjengis Khan reaches the Dwarf, and Eddy tries his luck with disarming the pit trap. He succeeds and the pit closes again.
Now the Dwarf attacks the zombie and puts and end to its suffering. Elly finds 20 botles of wine in the chests but also one potion of healing +3!
 One of the skeletons walks up to the Dwarf and attacks, but he blocks it successfully. The Barbarian can now attack diagonally and rolls three skulls, shattering the skeleton to bits. As the Wizard heads back into the dining room, the Dwarf walks up to the second zombie, apparently the innkeepers wife. Butch turns out to be softhearted, as once again his feeble attack is easily blocked. "Those poor people... I'll split the skulls of whoever did this to these good folk!"
 Elly decides to search for treasure in the kitchen cupboard, and only finds more wine and some beer kegs. Still no food... Again, the last zombie attacks the Dwarf, but he blocks again. The Barbarian can't pass the Dwarf, so he urges him to put an end to her suffering as well, and so Butch takes a deep breath and finally manages to kill the last zombie. Now the Elf can pass the others and takes position in front of the open door. She fires her crossbow into the first skeleton she sees, and it falls to the floor in a pile of bones.
 She blocks another skeleton attack, and the Dwarf kills it from the side. Now there's only one skeleton left.
Elly can't get a good shot so she steps back to let the men take care of that last one. Butch kills it from outside the door, and the room is cleared. They find no traps inside, but they see a stairway heading up and another door. The heroes decide to open the door first before heading upstairs.
"Knock knock!" yells the Dwarf as he opens the door. Inside are two mean looking chaos warriors, building a torture rack from the innkeepers bed. Three chests line the wall. He doesn't have enough movement left to reach them, and doesn't want to risk stepping into a trap, so he waits at the door, confident with his Rock Skin enchantment.
The first chaos warrior attacks the Dwarf, and rolls 2 hits, but the Dwarf defends with 3 shields. "You'll have to do better than that, you foul son of an orc!"
Eddy sees if he can do some damage with his staff, and attacks diagonally, but his attack is easily blocked. Next, the Dwarf attacks but misses completely! "You're also going to have to do better Butch" whispers Eddy.
Butch blocks another attack, and Eddy's attack is once again blocked by the chaos warrior, so he takes a step back to let Sjengis Khan take a swing. The Dwarf finally manages to hit the chaos warrior for one point of damage. During the next turns some blows are traded, and it takes a while for the heroes to finally kill the first chaos warrior. Butch quickly heads inside, battle rage building inside him, and deals one damage to the other chaos warrior.
Eddy uses his Genie spell on it, and only manages one more damage. It still stands! Butch deflects its attack, and now Sjengis can assist and does a whopping three damage to it, slaying it instantly. Eddy regrets using his powerful Genie spell now...
The heroes search the room for traps, and only find a speartrap, setting it off harmlessly. The chests hold some clothes, and a scroll! But it's an old scroll that crumbles to dust the second they touch it.
"Time to go upstairs!" Butch says, and heads on up ahead. He finds two more chaos warriors there! Elly quickly heads up as well, and immediately fires her crossbow at one of them. It takes one damage.
Both chaos warrior attack the heroes, but they manage to block the attacks, taking no damage.
The Barbarian follows the others and takes a huge swing at one of the chaos warriors.
He utterly slays it in one fell blow. Taking heart, the Wizard also goes upstairs, and Butch follows the Barbarian's lead and also manages to kill the other chaos warrior in one blow! "Huzzah!" the heroes yell.
Elly searches for traps, just to be sure, but finds nothing suspicious.  Sjengis sees two spears on the weapons rack, and hands them to Elly. He walks up to the next door but waits there.
Elly decides to open it, and spots two more chaos warriors. "How many of these guys are in here!?" she moans, and fires her crossbow. The alert chaos warrior deflects her bolts, and takes no damage. Both warriors attack the Elf and Barbarian, but Elly blocks it, and the other one completely misses.
Sjengis Khan misses his next attack, but Eddy amazes the others as his diagonal staff attack takes two hits, leaving the chaos warrior with one bodypoint left.
The Dwarf tries to finish the job but misses, so the Elf turns around and fires at it from behind. She successfully slays it, claiming the kill!
It attacks back, but she blocks.
After the Barbarian does one damage to the remaining chaos warrior, Eddy uses his Tempest spell on it just in case. The Elf uses her spear and manages two more damage. It finally dies.
The room has no traps, and the chest is already looted. The cupboard holds 10 gold though, which the Dwarf takes.
The next room is a library, but after checking for traps and finding none, the Elf looks for loot, and suddenly another magical skull appears! It bites the Elf, taking one body point of damage, and disappears! "What the!?" she yells. Elly finds a scroll of Swift Wind and a potion of resilience on the shelves, but then the skull appears again!
It attacks the Wizard and Dwarf, but misses both as they duck just in time. The Barbarian is still behind in the other room, so he isn't attacked.
The heroes almost fall over eachother trying to get out of the room with the annoying skull, but they take a few bites before they manage to enter the next room. It's a study, with an alchemists bench and a chair. Eddy finds no traps inside, and they all head in. Sjengis is slow again, and has to ward off the biting skull a couple more times.
Elly looks for treasure, and spots a scroll on the desk. It says: "Undead Army list of recruits:
1. skeleton from a graveyard
2. Another skeleton from a graveyard
3. Yet another skeleton from a graveyard
4. Another skeleton.
5. The innkeeper
6. The innkeeper's wife
7. The innkeeper's daughter
8. The innkeeper's servant
9. A wizard
10. A dwarf
11. an elf
12. a barbarian
The ink used for the last four lines is not yet dry...
The search for treasure also reveals a trap that causes another point of damage to the Elf.
After taking three painful bites from the annoying magical skull, Sjengis finally stumbles inside the study. "Next time, we take along a dentist!" he roars angrily.
The Dwarf kicks opens the next door, and sees a necromancer inside, at an altar, preparing some unholy spells to turn the heroes into his undead minions. "Welcome heroes! So happy you came to join my army of undead!" he cackles and waves an arm. An aura of dread suddenly fills the room, and the Dwarf feels weak. Nevertheless, he attacks, and does one damage to the evil sorcerer.
Elly steps inside and fires her crossbow, but misses! The necromancer casts Rock Skin on himself, as he seems to have knowledge of Earth and Fire spells. The Barbarian also runs in, and swings at the necromancer, but he misses! Eddy uses a powerful spel, Fire of Wrath, and does another point of damage to the sorcerer. The Dwarf attacks, but is blocked, and the Elf can't get a clear shot. The necromancer casts Heal Body on himself to heal back up to three body points, and blocks another attack from the Barbarian. Eddy quickly casts Courage on the Dwarf so he can attack more powerfully, and Butch rolls 5 skulls on his attack! The necromancer can only block one point, and dies screaming. They find a Talisman of Raise Dead on him, and 200 gold in a chest. "So much for a well deserved rest" Eddy says. "Well, I'm sure someone will be grateful for getting rid of this necromancer here, let's just head on to the next village and see if we can get some food there".

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures!

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  1. This is the next Quest I'm running my group through. Just gotta get the pond tile printed.


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