Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday Night Dungeon: Game Night!

 My second gaming group, which consists of my wife, my friend M and his girlfriend S, and another friend D, have been playing the base game for a while now, with me playing Morcar.
It's a monthly event I always look forward to. It's great to see my friends on a regular basis, and HeroQuest makes for a very amusing evening full of jokes, fun, food and drinks.
 A few weeks back we played Prince Magnus's Gold, but D couldn't make it, so hid male Barbarian was temporarily replaced with a female Barbarian, played by my wife, who also plays the Elf. M plays the Dwarf, and S plays the Wizard.
About halfway through the quest, we realized we had played this quest before, but that was quite a while ago, what with all the december holidays getting in the way :P
 So I decided to change a few minor things, like swapping some rooms around, and I added some newly painted altars. Fortunately, the Heroes didn't remember all the details, so they still had to search all over to find the entrance to the center room. It was a tough fight, and I managed to force them to use a few healing spells and a potion, but they made it out alive, with all monsters wiped out.
 Last monday we followed up the last quest, with our Barbarian D back at the table, and played Melar's Maze. With my other playing group (which my wife DM's) we had gone through the Return of the Witch Lord, and decided to play NA rules, as the EU rules were making the game too easy as the Heroes were better equipped from having gone through Kellar's Keep. So I thought I'd up the stakes here as well, and used the NA monster stats.
 This made out game a lot more interesting, and the Heroes had to work together even better than before. In previous games, some heroes (especially the Dwarf) were prone to run off and explore and loot rooms on their own, leaving others in dangerous situations. There were a few tempting moments for the Dwarf, but all in all, they worked together quite well.
 I got a chance to plop down the Gargoyle statue, and it immediately drew a few attacks, without effect (mwuhahahaha!). After opening a door, it came alive, and I plopped down the coloured version of the figure, drawing attacks once again. But this Gargoyle would only take damage after it moved or attacked itself, causing some confusion. It was great!
 Not surprisingly, the Dwarf just happened to be looting another room, and decided the Barbarian and Elf could handle the situation themselves. Both the Elf and Barbarian managed to take away 1 body point, but then the Wizard stole the kill with a Genie spell.
 The Barbarian spent at least 4 turns in the next room, falling into a pit trap first, then climbing out and searching for more traps, then inspecting the chest for traps, then opening it and finding some treasure, and then heading back. The rest had ventured ahead, and cleared out some more rooms.
Finally, they entered the center room, and were drawn inside by a few kiting undead monsters.
Of course, they were victorious once again, but not without having to use a healing spell again.

The next quests should get tougher soon, I'd like to see them handle some near death epxeriences hehehe.

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