Monday, 4 November 2013

Something in the dungeon

It's monday, the day we all hate, so here's another miniature blog that deals with HeroQuest, painting, conversions, tutorials, and custom made furniture: Ampersand's "Something in the Dungeon" blog!

Chaos Warriors, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Khorne, Tzeentch

He's been sculpting some new miniatures for use with HeroQuest. He's doing the Dwarf, Wizard and Elf, but since he already converted a suitable Barbarian from an existing mini, he isn't doing a Barbarian sculpt of his own, which we at Ye Olde Inn find a shame. Now we challenged him to do it anyway, and he told us he would, IF his blog gets 50 followers or more.

So, my dear readers, go check out his blog, and join his site. His posts aren't that frequent, so they won't flood your reading feed, but when he does, it's 200% worth checking out. So join! NOW!

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