Saturday, 2 November 2013

Dungeon Delving: Lair of the Orc Warlord (Quest 3)

By Ivenbach.

Sadly not many photos were taken during this Dungeon Delve and the memories are a little lost.

The heroes having completed the first 2 quests and gear up with a helmet or two along with another 'Goblinsbane Crossbow'. As they hear that Prince Mangus ((Name intentionally changed for no real reason)) offers a bounty on the head of Ulag they gladly act the part of mercenaries as they seek out this foul Orc. As Zargon finishes the quest description they already are deciding what to buy.

The first room is searched for treasure revealing a pit trap. The pit trap was then searched and was found to have gold in it. The second room with goblins starts with the Dwarf bursting through the door and killing the first Goblin. This time it wasn't a triple skull which let Zargon to feel some sort of victory in that. The elf next steps through and wipes the smirk off Zargons face with his first shot being a full triple skull.

The third room starts with Dwarf opening the door and sidestepping to let the barbarian in as the Fimir is adjacent and wont allow for a crossbow to be used. The Barbarian steps up to the plate and easily kills the Fimir with gleeful abandon. The room is searched and again the heroes luck holds to bring them a gem. The heroes find no secret passages and exit the room. In the hallway the take a right and head to the top left room on the board. The Dwarf leads opening the door and leads in with his 'Greenskinbane Crossbow' killing the Fimir in a single shot. The Orc stood no chance an was soon cold on the ground. Their search for treasured yields a pit trap wherein the pit trap they find another stash of gold. A search for secret passages finds one behind the weapons rack.

 photo IMG_0503_zps0df0eb11.jpg
The Barbarian goes in to see what kind of treasure he can find. On entering he's faced with 5 rats and a wicked scythe wielding skeleton ((Gift from Christmas in July miniature exchange from billdask)). He backs out hoping to lure them out but the rats are too quick for him as they dart out to nip at him and back in before he gets a chance to swing. Grunting his displeasure he heads back in and begins to finish off the anklebiters. He kills a rat allowing the Elf in for a kill and the Dwarf. The skeleton slices into the Barbarian and takes a body point or two off but together the three quickly dispatch the remaining anklebiters and Skeleton. As the Skeleton is killed and the magic holding it together dissipates they hear something fall to the ground. Their search for treasure yields 2 vials with a bluish liquid in it. They ask Zargon what they do and he simply smiles. He suggests they 'drink it and see what happens' to which they respond with jeers and dislike.

 photo IMG_0507_zps4b473d6b.jpg

I forget the specifics of this quest after this point but they kill the rest without taking only damage and consistently pulling out only beneficial items from the treasure deck.


  1. Nice game, I see you're adding some rooms and enemies along the way? Are your players ok with that lol? Do you make it up as you go, or write them in before you start the quests?

    1. I have ideas along the way and modify them as I go. If they are getting smacked down hard I ease it a bit or up the treasure. I have to placate some players otherwise there will be no gaming... You win some and loose some so I revel in it when they take damage from things I've not actually done like traps or failing to jump pits *snicker*


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