Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Box storage solutions

Well, since I got my new games Zombicide and Mice & Mystics, I wanted to be able to store them properly, and be able to carry them around for games, without all the stuff inside getting damaged, and still have enough room for expansion sets.

So I had a look around over at the Zombicide forum, Zombiesdash, and found this. (Or actually, I found that with google, and posted it there) It was a great idea, and I also liked the tackleboxes.
I happened to find a small tackle box at work, used as a sample box for screws and such, which I tried with the Zombicide tokens, but found it to be the wrong size for all tokens and the box. The cars didn't fit, and the box was moving around too much. So I tried the Mice, and it was a perfect fit!

Tacklebox on the right, with the small cards, and the large cards on the left.

All minis and tokens plus the dice fit inside!

There's even room for future expansions! Excellent :)
 So I used the cut-out boxes idea on my Zombicide box, and managed to add the zombies and cards from the Walk of the Dead set #1 addon, plus the Dog Companions and Zombie Dogz addons as well.

The two trays of zombies were emptied, as were the addon boxes.

I place the tiles on top with the rulebook, and cut out a lid in both boxes that came with the game. The cards from the base game plus all addons fit in the corner nicely, even sleeved.

The small box contains the survivors and abomination, but had a lot of wasted space.
 As you can see in the above picture, I managed to store all my tokens and dice in zipbags inside the survivor's cardboard box. I trimmed off about 2 cm from the edge of the plastic compartments that holds the survivors, and taped on a thin piece of cardboard as a lid (held open below with some cards)

Now the survivors tray can stay inside the box, and there's plenty of space left for tokens and dice. Everything in this picture fits in easily.

The survivor tray with lid.

Everything placed on top inside the box.
 For the larger zombie box, I did the same. I placed the zombie companions and 4 promo survivors inside first, again cutting away 2 cm from the sides of the plastic trays. The grey zombies were simply dumped on top.

Character cards go on top, along with 2 promo survivors

Underneath a thin square of cardboard are two more promo survivors, and the zombie dogz are in a larger zip-bag.

And that's it! Everything fits inside nicely, with some room to spare for the extra models we got from the kickstarter or extra survivors. I'm planning on doing the same for the Prison Outbreak box, so I can divide everything between these two boxes, perhaps even including the Toxic City Mall contents.
But mostly I just wanted to get rid of all the extra addon boxes and trays, and fit absolutely everything inside the original game boxes.
I'm keeping the survivors in their trays, so I can paint them and not have to worry about the paint getting damaged. The zombies are just thrown in for now. I plan on painting them too, but with quick and easy paintjobs, and using Quickshade to varnish and shade them. That stuff is pretty tough when dry, so I hope that even painted zombies will stay well preserved with Quickshade and matte varnish spray over that, even when thrown in like this.

Edit: Added some TCM box pictures!

I hope you like! ;)

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  1. I liked your idea of Box storage solutions for all these things. Well I am using a good self storage in willowbank but I will keep all this mini stuff in boxes at my home, just like you!!


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