Sunday, 6 October 2013

Removing paint from miniatures

Have you ever bought minis that were already painted (badly) or do you need to strip some of your old minis to sell them or repaint them? Well, this is the universal trick to do it!

Some horribly painted mini's. This will not do!

Buy a flagon of Dettol, be sure it says "chloroxylenol 48mg/ml"

The stuff is pretty expensive here in the Netherlands. €10,- for this bottle. But it goes a long way.
If you live in the USA, then get some Simple Green. It does the same trick, and even smells better.

painted miniatures in Dettol
After putting the mini's in Dettol for about 24 hours, lightly brush off the paint with an old toothbrush, do not use water! Water will clump the paint and mess thing up badly. Only rinse the mini's off with water after you've removed all the paint.

minis after 24 hours in Dettol.
You can reuse the Dettol, if you sift it through an old piece of cloth. The cloth will catch the paint.
And that's all there is to it! Rinse them off with water after you got all the paint off, and let them dry. Now you can repaint them!
Good luck! Sjeng.

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