Saturday, 5 October 2013

El_Flesh's dungeon adventures report

Zebs wins the roll, and walx down the hall to peek. Even with that helmet on his head, he can see stairs at 9 squares away.

As he walx thru, Beernut has him roll; an 8 = pit trap. He takes 4 dmg in stun and loses 5 action. He rolls a 6 to find a ladder, but the Wiz skel fails to find one on my side (he rolls with my ratings).

He loox around the corner – and sees a stone statue. He steps forward, loses his nerve, then backs off.

Flesh doesn’t perceive anything special about the clearly magical effect. I send the wiz to check the body on the ground – it had been instantly dehydrated. Acid skel is sent to check the statue, but is vaporized by heat. The Fe bound Fe door is locked. DM tells us that Acid skel was totally drained by the statue. A Bone Knight casts hi heatball on the statue; it is reflected back and kills both of them plus Red Skel – who detonates but causes nobody harm, although the door is blasted open. When Zebs approaches the door, the statue comes to life: “How DARE you trespass on the (hack cough) of my ancestors?!” Zebs steps forward and loox at him: “Whoo aahhh youh? Wheh didjoo come frahm??”
Wiz, with nothing left, is sent in to detonate – but it causes no harm. Lord Boner fails in his attax. Wiz is raised again, who raises his 2 Bone Knights in turn – they put static discharge on their weapons. Their attax do little dmg – and reveal that this statue is a foggy semi-substantial rock-like material. It displaces and appears before Flesh, but its 5 AD have no chance of hitting him.
Next turn the monstar goes first, and the creature goes back to the center – the ring of power appearing around him again, draining Lord Boner and a Bone Knight into a pile of dry bones. The doors have closed. Flesh now calls Rusty the Ghost, who searches on the other side of the door – yet finds no mechanism.
Thorough searches from him find nothing more than a secret room that has nothing in it – he rolled high enough for a secret door but not for a treasure or another secret door! Bone Knight stands in front of the door, casts a hi heatball, which reflects, killing him but blasting the doors open.

Flesh pulls the lever that Rusty found – SHLONK; there is another undead from the grave – a female one! Flesh thinx that he might make a friend! “I’d gladly trade up this yahoo behind me for someone with brains in their head and not in their lunchbox.”

It turns out to be a Banshee; she screams, and I hope it’s a come-on! Zebs tries a swing and completely misses. I lower my mask and give an undead howl back, but she isn’t interested in my come-hither antix. Just as well – my tongue is a moldy mess with barely any moisture to it.
Wiz skel hi-heatballs them for 6 dmg each, but they still stand after it. Flesh shadow jaunts and then backstabs twice.
Flesh is hit – out of bonuses that add up to 20 defense dice, only 3 of them shield. It reduces his body to ZERO, putting him in Limbo – the body I inhabit cannot sustain any more damage. [img][img]
Zebs takes some hits from the Banshee while my minions stand there, stunned to have free will now. Zebs stops the Banshee from stealing another spirit point, and then ZERX out; doing 2 x 11 hits. Rusty’s swipe brings 14 spirit points total to Flesh, who gets up with 5/9 body and 6/18 spirit.Zebs takes off the arm and shield of the statue and beats it into rubble as it falls.
We save the searches for next adventure!

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