Friday, 11 October 2013

3D door replacement for HeroQuest

Hi Questers! I've gotten into playing Heroquest lately, great fun with a bottle of mead! And I also run a small miniatures company.
So put the two together and I've started producing some dungeon stuff. Thought I'd share with you guys, all available on

Doors are the same size at the heroquest ones:

They come with an optional rubber base which stops them sliding around on the board If you would like a number of them for your set, message me on here and I'll see what I can do about a discount, just for YeOldeInn members.



  1. The doors look great, can't wait to get some. I'm having to take 6month off work due to a hospital stint :-/ so I thought with my time I would make a 3D hero quest set 😊 any tips on materials would be much appreciated.. I'm a fair painter but it would be great to get materials that require little painting to cut down the work load.. Like real stone bathroom tiles for the floors.. 👍

  2. Are these available anywhere anymore?



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