Thursday, 8 August 2013

Melar's Maze

Hello Guys, this is my first attemp at making an adventure report, so I hope you enjoy it !

After several days travelling, our brave Heroes eventually arrive at a forgotten mound. According to the map the Barbarian won at a drinking game, it is believed to be the entrance of Melar's Maze. The late created a powerful artifact enabling its owner a better understanding of magic. Gathering up all their courage, our brave adventurers step inside the dungeon.

Heading south, they open the first door encountered and discover a suspicious throne in an empty room. After safely checked the room for any traps, they examine the object. The throne appeared to be concealing a hidden door leading to a small alchemist cabinet!

The alchemist bench's drawer contained a heroic brew. After having noted the item down on the Elf's character sheet, the Heroes move on and open the next door...

... which leads to another corridor veering south as well. This time, the Dwarf love of treasures drives him to take the lead and discover an ancient stone idol gazing at him trough beautiful red jewels.   

Contemplating his discovery and wondering how he was going to get the statue three times his size our of the dungeon, our companion didn't notice the Barbarian also made another find : 3 skeletons -probably the guardians !

In a hurry, the Dwarf tries at least to snatch up the jeweled eyes, but did not figured out at that moment that it would enliven the idol ! Submerged by monsters, our Heroes decides it's better live to fight another day !

In a desperate attempt, the Wizard cast a wrath of fire on the Gargoyle and crush him down ! 

Letting the rest of the company time to sink deeper into the dungeon...
... Lead by the the mighty Barbarian, the poor zombie did not stand a chance.
Casting several offencive spells, the Wizard destroyed a bunch of skeletons ahead.  

Always followed by the guardians of the Idol, our company understand they finally reached their goal at the heart of the dungeon...

Deep into the maze, our Heroes eventually discover Melar's laboratory guarded by fierce monsters. Using all their strength and courage, our companions arduously managed to slain all foes.

The old man was right ! The Talisman of Lore had been hided here for ages by Melar! Noting down this valuable artifact on the Wizard's character sheet, our Heroes collect and count all their treasures encountered during this adventure and return home celebrating their feat.

See you soon for more deadly adventures !   ~Maike.

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