Sunday, 18 November 2012

LandEscapes: RPG and Miniature Fantasy Game Poster Maps

For all you RPG players with a huge collection of miniatures, plenty of ideas for quests, but not much to play on except some game boards and perhaps blank tiled paper sheets, this kickstarter might be interesting for you: RPG Fantasy Game poster maps. Check it out:

Why are we doing this?

We use a lot of miniatures in our gaming, from roleplaying games to wargames. When we use these miniatures we want to have awesome maps to go along with them. There are a lot of great options for these maps out there, but each has their drawbacks.
Map tiles are great for diversity and the ability to mix and match and create a cohesive map of your own design. However, they are hard to manage in game play (being easily shifted and shuffled) and due to the variety of sizes and the abundance you need, they are hard to store and carry with you.
Poster maps become the alternative to tiles. These large maps are typically double sided, easy to store and carry with you, and cover a large area with little fuss. But we lose the diversity. If I have a graveyard map, every encounter in a graveyard has to be done on the same map. That gets boring.
3D cardstock maps are really cool and can be assembled to create a landscape for your miniatures to interact in, without the need of traditional 3D terrain. However, these take time to construct (some being very difficult or time intensive) and can be a challenge to transport and assemble in a reasonable time period. Some 3D cardstock terrain is sturdier then others, and you still have the issues of limited designs/models.
What we want to do with our maps are offer smaller, 18x24 poster maps that can be mix and matched to create a variety, without all the small little tiles. And we want to make tons of them.
All we need to kickstart this thing is your support.


  1. Really cool looking! And lot of object on the tiles comes from Dundjinni amazing forum for tiles development. You should really pay a visit there because it simply is amazing for custom tile making!

  2. How about free tiles?


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