Tuesday, 18 September 2012

HQ Quest Maker

Patroclus, one of our active member at YeOldeInn, is currently coding a program to help you write quests for HQ, called the HQ Quest Maker.

The behavior of the program is pretty simple:  you just fill the text boxes and it exports an image that looks like the original. As for the map itself, you should use HeroScribe program, to export the map and load it on the HQ Quest Maker and be able to write down quest notes.

We hope after that, many people will share their quest in this format so our great community will be able to enjoy them.

Tthe editor has some functions and some rules to follow:

  1. Each paragraph should start with the character “<”
  2. Each paragraph with a letter mark should start like this “<A.>”
  3. If you want to add a special enemy you should write “<Stats>8/5/4/3/2” where the first number is the movement, the second is the Attack, the third is the Defend, the forth is the Body, and the last number is the Mind.
  4. If you want to add a body point counter you should write “<Body>0000101” where the “0” is the empty square and the “1” is the skull.

I hope this is not too difficult to understand… take a look at the output on following example.

The notes are:
<A.>The first Hero to search for treasure will find a half-filled flask sitting on the alchemist's bench. It is a Potion of Healing that will restore up to 2 lost Body Points when consumed.
<B.>This chamber contains a Gargoyle that appears to be paralyzed. The Gargoyle will not move at first and will only "come to life" after one of the Heroes opens the door that leads into the next room. The Gargoyle cannot be harmed (takes no damage) until it has either moved or attacked a Hero.

The output is:


  1. where can I down load the program from.

    1. The development thread is on the Ye Olde Inn forum here:

  2. I hope this great program will result in many community members creating AND sharing their quests with everyone.


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