Saturday, 25 August 2012

Patroclus' monsters generator

Soon, the most of us will have more miniatures in our collection and Patroclus found very useful to have a handy generator to produce matrixes for custom monsters. 

As you can see on the picture bellow, the program is separated into three sections.
When you press the “Generate” button the textbox of the second section will get filled with the results, and the section three will get the image of the exporting file (the program exports a file “New Matrix.png” in the application folder). It is possible to change some values on the textbox and press the “ReDraw” button to see the changes.Tell him your thoughts before he share this program. For example, the “maximum number per encounter” can be disabled and can be filled automatically by changing the difficulty tracking. If the monster is easy the number could be 4, if the monster is hard it could be 1, etc… But I leave it for more flexibility. You can change my mind.
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The first section is the monsters you want to use in your quest. You should write the name of each monster, the maximum number of the same monster you can find on a single encounter and finally the difficulty for encountering one monster of this type. There is no need to write them from the easiest to the hardest. Also, If your heroes are champions try to reduce the difficulty of every monster.

The default values are from a matrix of Advanced Hero Quest. The results are exactly the same because Patroclus tried to “translate” and keep the same logic.

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