Saturday, 25 August 2012

Couples ideas for new treasure cards

Hello guys, there has been a brainstorming about ideas for new treasure cards we could had to our beloved game, here is a non-comprehensive list.

Rats! - you disturb a nest and a swarm of rats floods the room, biting and clawing. Everyone in the room is attacked by one combat die.

Bats! - Same as 'Rats!' but with wings and ultrasonics.

Blessed Pool / Hidden Shrine / some other thing - Restores 1 Body Point to everybody lucky enough to be in the room. Not sure this makes sense though - it'd be a bit hard not to notice a pool or shrine until you search. Maybe it looks foul but closer inspection reveals it to be clean and nourishing?

Mould! - The revolting gunk on the walls turns out to be very much alive and hungry. A gigantic slime thing engulfs you... but leaves you miraculously unharmed. That is, until you realise that it has digested half of your gold! (A good one to cut the players' gold reserves down. Unless they start asking to leave their gold at home before each Quest...)

Poison Gas! - This room is filled with poison gas. Morcar must roll a combat die at the beginning of his turn. If he rolls a skull all heroes in that room loose 1 BP and the gas remains.
If he rolls any shield all heroes still loose 1 BP but the gas disappears and no more rolls are required. (Anti-poison quill works here)

Mighty Spear Trap - you lose 2 body points. (a counter to the treasure horde.)

Rats! - You hear a frenzied chittering in the walls and realise too late that your search has disturbed a nest of huge rats. They swarm out clawing and biting. Every player in the room is attacked with one combat die. The rats then vanish into the darkness. Return this card to the pile.

Bats! - A rustling overhead is your only warning before a storm of black wings descends upon you and your companions. The enraged carrion bats attack every player in the room with one combat die. The bats then flap away into the darkness. Return this card to the treasure pile.

Tentacles! - The noise of your search has disturbed something horrible lurking beneath the floor. Slimy tentacles burst into the room and attack every player present with two combat dice. After you have fought them off, the tentacles slither out of sight. Return this card to the Treasure pile.

Equipment! - A bundle of old rags and rat droppings turns out to contain a forgotten hoard of weapons and armour. Most are rusty and useless, but one is in good condition. Shuffle the Equipment cards and draw the top card. You may keep that item if you wish. [Maybe too good? Equipment is usually in the Quest Notes, so maybe this isn't needed?]

Potion of Magical Resistance - The garish symbol on this bottle reveals it to be a Potion of Magical Resistance. You reflect sadly on the poor taste of wizards. If you are targeted by a spell, you may immediately drink this potion. The spell will not affect you. The card is then discarded.

Dead Body #1 - Huddled in a corner, you find the corpse of an unlucky adventurer. His body has been stripped of valuables, but by examining his wounds you learn how he died. Forewarned, you may ignore any Body point loss from the next trap you trigger. The card is then discarded.

Dead Body #2 - An unfortunate adventurer has met a cruel fate in this room. He carries nothing of value, but his wounds reveal that he was ambushed. Forewarned, you may attack the next Wandering Monster you encounter before it attacks you. The card is then discarded.

Nameless Horror - In a dank alcove you discover a small, gruesome effigy. Something about it makes your skin crawl. Even after you put it down, you cannot shake the feeling that it has glimpsed your darkest secrets. Lose 1 Mind Point. Do not return this to the pile, even though it is harmful. [Meant to be rare.]

Hand of Chaos - You have triggered a sorcerous trap. A gigantic spectral hand plucks you from the room. The Evil Wizard player may place you on any unoccupied square that the players have already seen. Do not return this card to the Treasure pile (even though it is a trap).

Potion of Vitality - This potion will restore all of your lost body points and increase your body points by 4 above your starting value. These additional body points cannot be restored once lost.

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  1. These will make great additions to the treasure deck for Kellar's Keep, Return of the Witch Lord and Against the Ogre Horde as they didn't come with new treasure cards.

    I really like the Dead Body cards.


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