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Saturday Night Dungeon: The Spiral Passage

Here follows the story of 4 great adventurers during Quest 3 in the Kellar's Keep expansion: The Spiral Passage!

After having lost their wizard in the last quest, a fresh new recruit, right out of the School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, had joined out team. Thankfull for his help, they bought him a wizard's staff from a local armoury. "Don't worry lad! We won't lose our wizard so easily again, we promise!" said the dwarf to the young wizard.
So once again, the foursome stepped through the entrance to yet another dungeon. Before them lay a long passageway, with some stairs.

The barbarian took the lead, and the wizard followed closely. The elf and dwarf took the rear. All of a sudden a large boulder dropped from the ceiling, and started to slowly roll downwards, toward our heroes! "RUN!" yelled the dwarf, and the barbarian and wizard ran on, finding 2 doors in the corridor. "Let's take refuge beyond this door!" said the wizard. "Good idea!" said the barbarian, and opened the door. Inside, he saw some orcs and goblins. The barbarian had some movement left, so he ran in, and started hacking at the first goblin in sight. The elf and the dwarf almost got run over by the giant boulder, but they managed to flee into the room, and so did the wizard. Barely inside, the boulder thundered past the open door, ripping the wooden door off of its hinges. Crowded by the monsters, the elf could not use her crossbow, but the dwarf and the barbarian quickly disposed of the bad guys.
Searching for traps revealed nothing.

Another door led to a room with a table and two fimir playing cards. Angered by the disturbance of the barbarian, they stood from the table, but the barbarian ran in and hacked off the head of the first fimir.

The dwarf killed the second one, before they had a chance to attack, and after searching for treasure, a wandering monster popped up! Apparently, and orc had gotten hold of a cloak with the magical ability to hide him from plain sight.

Bravely, the barbarian warded off the attack, and slew the orc where he stood. On to the next room! More monsters awaited them there. The end of the corridor was blocked off by the boulder, so they had no choice but to kill everything inside the room, which our heroes swiftly managed to do. Some bodypoints were lost, and potions were handed over.
With no apparent exit, they searched for secret doors, and found a hidden room, which led back to the winding stairway.

Cautiously (weary of more boulders) they searched for more traps and walked down the stairs, untill they found another door.
Around the corner of the corridor, the barbarian found a pit trap. The dwarf opened the door to the next room, to circumvent the pit, and was not too surprised to see more greenskins.
He decided to use the door-blocking tactic, and waited for the monsters to come to the door, so he could attack them one at a time.
This proved to be a wise choice, and the greenskins fell to his axe one by one. The wizard extended some healing help, and on they went into the next room.
A cozy hearthfire was burning in this room, with a fimir enjoying a cognac in front of it. At the sight of the dwarf, it attacked, but did not survive the dwarfs axe.

With the fimir gone, the adventurers entered the room, and searched for traps and treasure.
Another orc with one of them strange hiding cloaks jumped at the dwarf, and attacked him.
Another bodypoint lost! And this time, there were no more potions or spells. Better be more carefull from now on, they thought.

The barbarian took care of the orc, and the elf took the lead into the corridor, shooting at a goblin further down the stairs. It never saw it coming and died. The dwarf found another spear trap, but managed to disable it.
A couple of turns later, the heroes passed another corner, and spotted a goblin guarding a door.
The goblin bit the dust, but the orcs and goblin inside the room managed to nibble off some more bodypoints from each member.
"Is this going to take much longer?" the wizard asked. "I can't heal any of you anymore today, so please be carefull!". With that in mind, the elf stepped out of the room, and immediately shot an unsuspecting orc down the hall.
Another turn passed, and the others followed behind the elf, who at the moment had most body points left.
Another corner, and another orc. This one caught a crossbow quarrel in the eye. "HAH!" yelled the elf, and bravely ran on, with the others in tow.
"There's a door here guys!" she said, "should I open it?"
"Perhaps we should examine the corridor further first" said the barbarian "I think we're close to the end of the stairs".
"There might be some good loot in there" said the dwarf.
Always interested in loot, the elf opened the door... Her jaw nearly dropped to the floor.
An entire army of orcs led by a chaos warrior awaited there.
"How are we ever going to kill them all?" cried the barbarian. "Can't you cast something?" he asked the wizard.
"I'm almost out of spells!" he replied.
"RUN!!!" shouted the elf, and she ran.

The chaos warrior stepped out into the corridor, and attacked the wizard, who was now down to 2 body points. The barbarian managed to sever the warriors spine by thrusting his spirit blade into his back, but the orcs behind him cried out their battle cry and rushed for the door.

The heroes ran.

And ran.
The wizard lagged behind, and so the elf cast a spell on him to grant him extra defense against an attack.
One orc ran up to him and hit him for 2 damage.
"Oh no! I need 2 white shields!"
He threw 4 dice in defense, and rolled not a single white shield. The barbarian looked over his shoulder, and saw the wizard fall
"Fly, you fools!"he shouted, and died.
The rest of the not so brave heroes ran for it, and reached another door.
"This better be the end of this orc-infested stairway!" the dwarf said.
The barbarian opened the door, and yelled "Yes! it is!! Come quickly!"
The remaining heroes ran for the stairs and barred the door behind them.

"I can't believe we lost another wizard!" said the barbarian.
"Ah well, I didn't know him too well anyway" replied the elf.
"We'll find another one, don't worry" said the dwarf.

And with that they cheerfully set off toward their next adventure.
To be continued...

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  1. I like how the frosty glass patio table appears like water surrounding the board in the pictures.
    You're awesome at painting, you should paint a marble with a little miliput base to keep it from rolling and use it as the giant boulder. Seeing pictures with the tile in it just appears flat compared to all the three-dimensional goodness HeroQuest offers in miniatures and furniture.

    Your Quest Records are wonderfully descriptive. You should write a novel for the Game System and a sequel for each expansion some day. I'd read them!


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