Saturday, 7 July 2012

Saturday Night Dungeon: The Dwarven Forge

After the last quest, in which our heroes barely escaped an army of orcs on the Spiral Passage and lost yet another wizard, the barbarian, the dwarf, the elf and a brand new wizard enter the Dwarven Forge.

The first corridor looks a lot like the previous, so our heroes don't waste time to get to the nearest room ASAP. But what's that? A lone orc guards the door!

The barbarian boldly walks up to him, not fearing traps, and slays the monster. But the orc screams out, and the door to the room behind him flies open, revealing 2 goblins, 2 more orcs and a mean looking fimir!
A goblin runs out, but gets slashed. The second goblins meets a similar fate.
"I'll take care of this for ye!" exclaims the dwarf, as he steps up and barricades the door. The fimir walks up to the door, and kicks the dwarf in the face. He loses 2 BP, but slays the fimir on his turn.

The rest of the orcs get cut down by the dwarf as well, but he's brought down to 4 BP.
Our new wizard immediately proves his worth and heals the dwarf back to 7 BP.
Once cleared, the party searches the room for traps and treasure, and find some gold! yay!
The barbarian takes the door to the left, and across a small hallway, he finds a library, and a wonderful heroic brew! Joy!
The elf walks into the next corridor, and finds 2 doors. She decides to open the right door, and sees a chest. More loot! But she can't walk in yet, so the dwarf has to walk in and check the room for traps.
Finding no traps, but a secret door, the barbarian walks up to the first chest and opens it. He finds 50 gold coins! Unbelievable!
The elf checks the hidden room for traps, and finds none, so the dwarf can safely open the second chest, and discovers a piece of some sort of stone map! The mystery! The excitement!
There's another door leading into a short hallway, which has yet another door to a room with a table, a weapons rack, a chest and a forge!
Lacking the forge tile, the DM puts down a cozy hearth. The dwarf, who opened the door, immediately recognizes it as a dwarven forge, which the dwarves of old used to craft their magical weapons.
The barbarian lusts for more loot, and heads on in, to search for treasure. He finds none.
The dwarf, also disappointed, heads back into the corridor. Then all of a sudden, the forge spits fire! Hitting the barbarian for 1 BP of damage!
"Yikes!" he screams, and runs out of the room.
Time to go see what's behind door number three!
an orc and two fimir await the elf, who immediately fires her crossbow and feels one fimir. The dwarf pushes past her and kills an orc.
The remaining fimir wants to take vengeance for his brother, and attacks the dwarf, but misses.
That was the last mistake he ever made.
And so the elf does a search of the room for traps and hidden doors, but finds none.
Meanwhile the barbarian and the wizard catch up to the others. Searching this room for treasure reveals a potion of healing!
The elf walks up to the next door, and discovers a fimir hosting a banquet to some orcs and a goblin. He's not happy that our heroes have come in unannounced, disturbing his soiree, and orders his minions to attack, but the elf lets fly an arrow, and kills the poor goblin.
Booze is brought to the table. All this killing is making our heroes thirsty.
The dwarf bodyblocks the rest of the greenskins, and the wizard walks into the room.
Just as one orc is reminded of a joke, and wants to tell his friends about the dwarf, the elf and the human walking into a bar, he gets an axe on his mouth. "I've heard it!" he laughs. This is where his Orcs Bane really comes in handy.
The elf tries to shoot at the orcs behind the table (using 2 dice, because she can only aim at the top half of their bodies), but misses.
So the dwarf keeps on blocking attacks and slaying bad guys. The elf walks up to him, enchanting him with stone skin, shrugging off more damage.
Meanwhile, the barbarian, elf and wizard head on up to the next room, which is empty, except for a closet. The barbarian looks for traps, and finds none. The elf searches for treasure, but suddenly, a fimir thinks this is the right time to come out of the closet, and attacks the elf in the back.
"Typical", the barbarian thinks, and puts the monster down.

The dwarf has finished up the last of the bad guys at the table, and takes on a well deserved heroic pose.
The dead fimir is stuffed back into his closet, and the elf enters yet another small corridor, and opens another door to a room with two little goblins. She fires her crossbow from the door, and kills the first goblin.
The dwarf, still in his bloodthirsty rage, takes up position in front of the door, and lets the goblin advance. He blocks its attack and kills it in his next turn.
The party carefully checks the room for traps
Just one more room to go! It turns out to be empty, with no traps. Outside in the corridor, they see the exit, and the dwarf rushes out towards it, but gets ambushed by a fimir.
This turns out to be no problem for the sturdy dwarf, and it too is slain.
"We did it! We survived, and this time WITH out wizard!" says the barbarian. "Let's get out of here!".
And so our brave heroes exit the dungeon, with high spirits.

To be continued...


  1. Great report, really like the layout style. More intimate with the content so you could glance over the scene as you read; very cool. May adopt the format for my own reports too.

    1. Don't forget to share them with us on the Blog here.


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