Monday, 11 June 2012

Orcs and Black Orcs by Sjeng

After having painted my goblins, which I wanted to have ready before starting Kellar's Keep Quest 1, I painted my orcs, with Maike's great tutorial on making tiles on bases using milliput. Here's the result:

 This is the orc leader. He can be used for any orc boss, such as Ulag. I gave him a cape and a shield from some Warhammer leftover bits.

 I painted three orcs with a slightly darker skin, and gave them shields as well. These are my black orcs. A meaner, tougher breed of orcs.
 The orc army. I painted 3 sets of 3 orcs, each with different weapons and colours.
Ready for battle!!! Let those pesky heroes come *muhahahahaaaaa*

1 comment:

  1. Sjeng, you are on my list of people I'd send my miniatures to for painting. The blood on your weapons is superb. I like the mix of shirt colours and the cape on the Orc leader. I like how your black orcs are a darker shade, rather than a whole different colour too.


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