Wednesday, 6 June 2012

HeroQuest by Phoenix

As a HeroQuest enthousiast, I've browsed the interwebs a lot in search of resources to add to my HeroQuest game. There are many, many sites out there, but few as complete as Phoenix's.
His site has all the original quests from the base game and all the addons, in handy PDF format.
You can also find the unofficial HQ quests that were published in magazines and such.
On top of that, he hosts many Fan-made quests as well: Single Quests, Mini-Quest Packs, Quest Packs and Contest-winning quests.

Furthermore, he has all the official rules from the US and UK versions of the game, plus a fanmade rulebook called the Imperial Academy, which adds a considerable amount of extra rules to the game to make it even more exciting!

This is certainly a site to visit if you need HeroQuest material!

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  1. Without Phoenix, HeroQuest content on the Internet would be hard to come by. His Website has a lot of great content and additions. He is also one of our great Innkeepers here at Ye Olde Inn. Without his efforts and endless drive and persuasion, Ye Olde Inn would not exist.

    For those who wish to expand HeroQuest, the Imperial Academy is a real gem. I recommend everyone check it out.


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